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GIDEON Prophet in Latin version's with God in spirit
GIDEON Hebrew judge in the Old Testament who led the Israelites to victory over their Midianite oppressors
GIDEON Judge, in Judges
GIDEON Prophet in Latin version"s with God in spirit
GIDEON You have to dig back a long time to find this name ....
GIDEON The pitcher and torch logo on a ____ bible symbolises implements used by the biblical judge of the same name to scare the Midianite army
GIDEON One delivering the Bible with God in spirit
GIDEON Creasey's Scotland Yarder
GIDEON Over a period of time, taunt upset old judge
GIDEON The organisation which supplies Bibles in hotel rooms takes its name from which Biblical character?
GIDEON Like to get up on time with the old judge
GIDEON One of the judges in Judges
GIDEON Judge takes a very long time to poke around
GIDEON Book in hotel I'd gone off
GIDEON Hotel room Bible placer
GIDEON Hotel-room Bible provider
GIDEON Hotel Bible supplier
GIDEON French writer writing about biblical character
GIDEON Name found in many a hotel room
GIDEON I would have gone running out to get him
GIDEON A judge of Israel
GIDEON Member of organisation which puts Bibles into hotel bedrooms
GIDEON You abandoned guide on hotel bible?
GIDEON Dig up one new Biblical judge
GIDEON Old judge needs a long time, after flipping rude remark
GIDEON Name on a Bible
GIDEON First name in bibles
GIDEON Book of Judges judge
GIDEON Biblical hero
GIDEON -- Bible, found in hotel bedrooms
GIDEON French novelist working for Biblical judge
GIDEON Sounds dizzy, working as judge
GIDEON I'd gone around with the judge of Israel
GIDEON Spirit enthralling to God"s evangelist
GIDEON John Creasey's detective
GIDEON I would have gone running out to get him

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