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GAR Badger served up as fish
GAR Coach Heard fired by Michael Jordan
GAR Huge fish from the Mississippi
GAR Place to store a car: abbr.
GAR "By ___!" (old oath)
GAR Freshwater fish
GAR Fish whose name comes from the Old English for "spear"
GAR Selection of those horsing around in the pond
GAR Doonesbury cartoonist Mr. Trudeau, to pals
GAR It resembles a needlefish
GAR Fish with a long snout
GAR Freshwater fish with bill-like jaws
GAR Paper over something fishy here
GAR Type of fish
GAR Variety of fresh-water fish with elongated body and hard scales
GAR Bring a rod to catch it?
GAR Relative of a bowfin
GAR Bony fish
GAR Long, thin fish
GAR Fish that may masquerade as a log
GAR Fish with poisonous roe
GAR Marine creature
GAR Marine creature
GAR Ingredient of pudding, a raw fish
GAR Gather you must release the fish
GAR Needlefish
GAR Needlefish
GAR Mother ___
GAR Needle-shaped fish
GAR Hook-nosed fish
GAR Long-nosed swimmer
GAR Spearlike fish
GAR Sharp-toothed swimmer
GAR Long-beaked river fish
GAR Alligator-snouted fish
GAR Tips on trawling sea for fish
GAR "Mask" character
GAR Long, toothy swimmer
GAR Large predatory river fish
GAR Big bony fish
GAR A fish; cloth scrap (reversed)
GAR Pikelike fish
GAR Food fish
GAR Marine fish
GAR Fish for the backward kid
GAR Elongated fish
GAR Dress
GAR Aquarium oddity
GAR ___ hole (Brunson's term for location of chips in the stack of a tight player)*
GAR Long fish savored by alligators
GAR Light beam splitter
GAR Realty ad item
GAR Fish with long jaws and needlelike teeth
GAR Narrow, bony fish
GAR Alligator ___ (underwater menace)
GAR House ext.
GAR Predatory fish
GAR Primitive predaceous North American fish covered with hard scales and having long jaws with needle-l
GAR Sugary content of fish
GAR Fish with a long 11-Across
GAR Fish with a long nose
GAR Long- jawed fish
GAR A fish
GAR The longnose ..., Lepisosteus osseus, is a fish of North and Central America
GAR Fish found in Hungary
GAR Slender swimmer
GAR Big predatory river fish
GAR Long-jawed pike
GAR Needle-nosed fish (RAG anagram)
GAR Needlefish
GAR Bayou predator
GAR Long-snouted swimmer
GAR Toothy snouted fish
GAR Long-jawed fish
GAR Slender fish with beaklike jaws
GAR Long-jawed swimmer
GAR Long-snouted fish
GAR Long-bodied fish
GAR Billfish
GAR Fish hidden in "kangaroo"
GAR Boating Wood
GAR Fish with long jaws
GAR Fish 15A hauled up
GAR Low-nosed fish
GAR Pikelike fish

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