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GANDHI Who said "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"
GANDHI Oscar-winning biopic about a famed Indian leader
GANDHI In hiding, and hiding nationalist leader
GANDHI Mahatma using ginseng and hibiscus
GANDHI Rajiv ___, former prime minister of India assassinated in 1991
GANDHI Indian nationalist heading for reform without English involvement
GANDHI G, H and I wrapped in homespun (6)'
GANDHI Indian leader coming after two close predecessors?
GANDHI Film about collaboration between Goering and Hitler
GANDHI Three letters in succession for a political leader
GANDHI One once to be seen in Darjeeling and Hindustan
GANDHI Proponent of nonviolent protest
GANDHI India's "Father of the Nation"
GANDHI Time's Man of the Year, 1930
GANDHI 'The Father of Independent India', Mahatma ___ (b.1869 - d.1948)
GANDHI Nationalist who was good with greeting
GANDHI National leader indicating succession in letters?
GANDHI Rajiv ___, 1980s Indian PM
GANDHI Ben Kingsley role
GANDHI Subject of the opera "Satyagraha"
GANDHI Spiritual leader's consecutive letters?
GANDHI A man of great standing and high profile
GANDHI I must follow a couple of predecessors as peaceful protester
GANDHI Indira, Rajiv or Sonia
GANDHI Family name of Indian leaders
GANDHI Ex-lawyer who preached passive resistance
GANDHI Pacific nationalist initially going along with Hawaii
GANDHI Statesman who's through firing and hiring?
GANDHI 1982 Richard Attenborough film starring Ben Kingsley in the title role
GANDHI Ascetic leader had gin ___ drunk!
GANDHI Indian social reformer
GANDHI "The Father of India"
GANDHI 1982 biopic starring Ben Kingsley that won eight Oscars
GANDHI Oscar-winning movie of 1982 starring Ben Kingsley
GANDHI Peaceful protester's hand broken when arrested by soldier
GANDHI Premier passive protestor
GANDHI Three consecutive letters for Indian leader
GANDHI Finally meeting and greeting old statesman
GANDHI Tensing and Hillary's feature film
GANDHI Ascetic leader had gin drunk!
GANDHI The tips from Galbraith: one for civil rights leader
GANDHI I'll succeed the two joint predecessors as an old ruler
GANDHI Guerrilla leader also greeting hunger-striker
GANDHI Known as Mahatma (great soul), founder of modern-day India portrayed by Ben Kingsley in an award-win
GANDHI Mohandas, known as Mahatma, Indian political leader assassinated in 1948
GANDHI Three letters in a row for India"s hero?
GANDHI Splendid welcome not right for resistance leader
GANDHI India's Mohandas
GANDHI Nonviolence advocate
GANDHI Best Picture after "Chariots of Fire"
GANDHI Image on many a rupee banknote
GANDHI Some booing and hissing great leader
GANDHI Indira ___, prime minister of India assassinated in 1984
GANDHI Pacifist Indian leader
GANDHI Indira ?, prime minister of India from 1980-84
GANDHI Lawyer who became India's leader, Mahatma ...
GANDHI Charismatic Indian leader had gin cocktail
GANDHI Indian statesman
GANDHI Indian political and spiritual leader, assassinated 1948
GANDHI Former Indian prime minister Indira
GANDHI Indian leader committed to non-violence
GANDHI Indira -, former Indian PM
GANDHI Nonviolent protest advocate
GANDHI *Salt March leader
GANDHI Some brigand hit Indian leader
GANDHI Former politician's good with greeting
GANDHI Indira or Rajiv
GANDHI Leader called Mahatma
GANDHI Extremists in Greenwich start to incite popular leader
GANDHI 1980s Best Picture winner
GANDHI Great article by deputy leader attracts attention to old statesman
GANDHI 1982 Oscar-winning film
GANDHI Political and spiritual leader of India who pioneered the resistance of tyranny through nonviolent civil disobedience
GANDHI Civil disobedience pioneer, Mahatma ...
GANDHI Indian leader heading off without energy
GANDHI Spiritual leader from Ealing and Hillingdon
GANDHI Icon born 10/2/1869 ... with a hint to three squares in this puzzle
GANDHI India's Indira
GANDHI Time magazine's Person of the Century runner-up, 1999
GANDHI Indian reformer
GANDHI Time magazine's Person of the Century runner-up, 1999
GANDHI Indira —, prime minister of India from 1980-84
GANDHI Indian social reformer

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