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FOSSIL Old fogey making check about social security
FOSSIL Stick-in-the-mud ship encased in metal sheeting
FOSSIL Conservative
FOSSIL Old fogey wrapped two dollars in thin metal sheet
FOSSIL Traditionalist
FOSSIL Stickinthemud
FOSSIL Old fogy
FOSSIL Moderate
FOSSIL Diehard
FOSSIL Conservative
FOSSIL Ancient stone vessel found in metal wrapping
FOSSIL Deposit
FOSSIL Relic preserved in rocks
FOSSIL Saints in defeat? Such may resist change
FOSSIL Antique
FOSSIL Old fogey wrapped two dollars in sheet
FOSSIL It could be a loss if this kind of fuel is produced
FOSSIL It's set in stone
FOSSIL Prehistoric remains of an organism of a geologic age
FOSSIL Geological remnant
FOSSIL Relic of saints wrapped in thin sheet
FOSSIL Archaeologist's relic
FOSSIL Old and outdated person (colloq)
FOSSIL You can dig it
FOSSIL Specimen
FOSSIL All that remains of a type of aluminium material wrapped around ship
FOSSIL Fuddy-duddy with a couple of sons, in marked contrast
FOSSIL Relic of ship in hamper
FOSSIL It is excavated
FOSSIL Obsolete
FOSSIL Old person, derogatorily
FOSSIL Outdated person suffering loss if disturbed
FOSSIL Petrified organism
FOSSIL Prehistoric relic sons wrapped in metallic sheet
FOSSIL Ancient remains from a past age
FOSSIL Prehistoric remnant
FOSSIL Prehistoric remains
FOSSIL Hardened prehistoric remains
FOSSIL Chapel is so fortunate to hold returned relic
FOSSIL Ancient 3 fellow East German left
FOSSIL Mineralised bone from prehistoric times
FOSSIL Relic of old ship in protective wrapping
FOSSIL Trilobite, now
FOSSIL Relic of saints captured in defeat
FOSSIL Dinosaur bone
FOSSIL Going so far yielding back through prehistoric soil is remains
FOSSIL Stone dead?
FOSSIL If loss can occur, is stony
FOSSIL Studied by a paleontologist, preserved remains such as an ammonite
FOSSIL Archaeological remains
FOSSIL Archaeological find
FOSSIL Petrified wood, e.g.
FOSSIL Extinct animal or plant that has turned to rock
FOSSIL Fogeyish old thing keeping smalls in protective covering
FOSSIL Lasting impression left by an old boy?
FOSSIL One petrified girl is so frantic to keep up
FOSSIL Scotch passed round ship is amber, say
FOSSIL Old relic sons wrapped in thin metallic sheet
FOSSIL Skeleton
FOSSIL Skeleton remains
FOSSIL Prehistoric plant, animal remains
FOSSIL Dinosaur remnant, e.g.
FOSSIL Petrified organism ?
FOSSIL Remains of longgone animal
FOSSIL Going back through soil is so far yielding prehistoric remains
FOSSIL Plant remains in fine soil dug over with spades
FOSSIL Preserved relic
FOSSIL Paleontology topic
FOSSIL Ancient bone
FOSSIL Ammonite, for example
FOSSIL Dinosaur bone, e.g.
FOSSIL Old and outdated
FOSSIL Antiquated type found in the geology department
FOSSIL Antiquated person
FOSSIL Very old thing
FOSSIL Metal encasing small orris root is an item of interest to palaeontologists
FOSSIL Coal or gas, ... fuel
FOSSIL Bone to pick?
FOSSIL Petrified remains
FOSSIL Relic of bygone age
FOSSIL Petrified 9
FOSSIL Relic of ship in protective wrapping
FOSSIL Old-timer, slangily
FOSSIL Remnant of ship in metal sheet
FOSSIL Old bone
FOSSIL Relic of silver-coated ship, conceivably
FOSSIL Archeological dig discovery
FOSSIL Petrified remains of an ancient plant or animal
FOSSIL I floss strange remnant of ancient living creature
FOSSIL Very old relic - outdated person
FOSSIL Animal artifact
FOSSIL La Brea discovery
FOSSIL Prehistoric relic
FOSSIL Petrified relic
FOSSIL Remains of an ancient plant or animal
FOSSIL Remains of a prehistoric plant or animal
FOSSIL Petrified remnant

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