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FOSSE Bob of dance
FOSSE Only Best Director Oscar/Tony/Emmy winner in the same year
FOSSE Bob who directed "Cabaret"
FOSSE Bob with eight Tonys for choreography
FOSSE 1999-2001 Broadway musical revue
FOSSE Catcher Ray of the Pete Rose collision
FOSSE Name of the Roman way that runs from Exeter to Lincoln
FOSSE Starts dropping acid into enemy trench
FOSSE Ditch or moat
FOSSE Director Bob who won a Tony, Oscar and Emmy all in the same year
FOSSE Bob, Best Director Oscar winner for Cabaret
FOSSE "Cabaret" choreographer
FOSSE Bob of Broadway
FOSSE Trench
FOSSE Ship sunk by enemy discovered in trench
FOSSE 1999 Tony-winning musical
FOSSE "All That Jazz" choreographer
FOSSE Roman way of switching direction
FOSSE "All That Jazz" subject
FOSSE Subject of the biography "All His Jazz"
FOSSE Broadway's Bob
FOSSE Saints pinned by enemy in ditch
FOSSE Best Musical after "The Lion King"
FOSSE Chicago-born choreographer
FOSSE Best Musical of 1999
FOSSE "Pippin" choreographer Bob
FOSSE Bob of 'All That Jazz'
FOSSE Winner of eight choreography Tonys
FOSSE "Chicago" choreographer
FOSSE Broadway legend Bob
FOSSE Enemy ___ some Nazis hiding in that ditch
FOSSE Tony winner for Best Musical of 1999
FOSSE -- Way, Roman road from Lincoln to Exeter
FOSSE Musical with the number "Bye Bye Blackbird"
FOSSE A ditch, moat, trench, etc
FOSSE 1972 Best Director
FOSSE A¯A¿A½All That JazzA¯A¿A½ director
FOSSE Enemy has ship to ditch
FOSSE He choreographed "Pippin"
FOSSE "Pippin" Tony winner
FOSSE Director of "Chicago" and "Dancin'"
FOSSE ''Chicago'' guy from Chicago
FOSSE “Sweet Charity” director/choreographer
FOSSE Winner of an Oscar, Emmy and Tony in 1973
FOSSE Bob —, Best Director Oscar winner for Cabaret
FOSSE “The Pajama Game” choreographer
FOSSE "___/Verdon" (FX miniseries starring Sam Rockwell as the title choreographer)
FOSSE Bob who directed "Cabaret"
FOSSE "All That Jazz" choreographer Bob

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