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FORE Alert from the tee
FORE Shout when a wild Tiger is spotted?
FORE Warning in advance of gas bill feature
FORE Bad driver's cry?
FORE Golfer's "heads-up"
FORE Warning
FORE Regiment's first to penetrate enemy front
FORE Dreaded word to hear on the links
FORE One warning in four is shouted
FORE "I'm teeing off now!"
FORE Warning from one holding an iron
FORE Word of warning to golfers
FORE Word of warning
FORE Driver's yell
FORE Cry heard on a fairway
FORE Maybe heard at 1?
FORE Frontal supports the quadruped must have, we hear!
FORE Alert to danger of Balls going to Greens?
FORE Warning to the gallery
FORE '86 Huey Lewis "Jacob's Ladder" album
FORE Warning call on a 10-Down
FORE Previously
FORE Towards the front
FORE The forward part
FORE Prefix for father
FORE Prefix like pre-
FORE Pebble Beach cry
FORE Aft's antithesis
FORE Previous
FORE Previous
FORE 52 Closing opening?
FORE Warning from a driver
FORE Cry following an errant drive
FORE It may precede a stroke
FORE Shout heard on a fairway
FORE Yell often heard on a golf course
FORE Forward
FORE Ahead
FORE Early
FORE Frontward
FORE In front
FORE In front
FORE Notice
FORE Leading figure, by all accounts
FORE "Ball alert!"
FORE "Heads up!"
FORE "Heads up!"
FORE Cry while holding an iron
FORE What do golfers shout to warn those in the path of a ball?
FORE Prefix with arm or mast
FORE With 110 Across, a hint of things to come
FORE '86 Huey Lewis "Stuck With You" album
FORE Shout after a hook, maybe
FORE Prefix with caddie
FORE Prominence
FORE A conspicuous position, with 'the'
FORE Forefront
FORE Of course, shout warning in favour of Spain
FORE Figurehead's position
FORE Errant golfer's cry
FORE The front part of a ship
FORE 'Golf ball coming!'
FORE Duffer's cry
FORE Earlier
FORE A warning from Weir?
FORE Beforehand
FORE Links warning, and a prefix with the second word of the answers to starred clues
FORE ___ and aft
FORE Front part of ship
FORE Nearest
FORE Cry from the tee
FORE Fairway cry
FORE Els yell
FORE Word crucially used, slicing iron?
FORE "Look out!"
FORE Cry on the links
FORE Prefix with head or man
FORE Intended to go to Eastern Front
FORE "Watch out!"
FORE Swinger's shout
FORE Shout on a golf course
FORE Word heard on a golf course
FORE Play opener?
FORE Before
FORE Before
FORE Hacker's holler
FORE Sight or tell starter
FORE Cry after a bad swing
FORE Pebble Beach warning
FORE Notice on the links?
FORE "Heads up!" on a golf course
FORE Warning cry on a golf course
FORE Golfer"s shout at the front

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