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FOR Danny Thomas sitcom, "Make Room - Daddy"
FOR Calvin Harris and Rihanna hit, This is What You Came ___
FOR See 21-Across
FOR In favour of a bit of comfort
FOR First of all in favour of? Right
FOR In favour of a class being made smaller
FOR "The Hunt ___ Red October"
FOR "These Boots are Made ___ Walkin'" by 42 Across
FOR In favour of the odd floors
FOR Voting yes on
FOR "__ crying out loud!"
FOR Part of FWIW
FOR Part of FYI
FOR The F in FYI
FOR Like
FOR Endorsing
FOR How the pros vote
FOR "___ he's a jolly ..."
FOR Advocating
FOR "O beautiful ___ spacious skies..."
FOR First word in a Hemingway title
FOR "Bedtime ___ Bonzo"
FOR Room ___ Squares (album by 18 Across)
FOR "Speak ___ yourself!"
FOR Personalised plate "NE1410S" could land you in court!
FOR In favour of turning up at mid-afternoon
FOR Therefore
FOR A link between words?
FOR "___ a Minute There" (Johnny Paycheck)
FOR In the pros?
FOR See 17
FOR Representing
FOR Land-peace separator
FOR Preposition
FOR Preposition
FOR In favour of raising the roof, nothing less
FOR See 23
FOR Hemingway's "___ Whom the Bell Tolls"
FOR Jennifer Lopez's "Waiting ___ Tonight"
FOR In payment of
FOR Bette Midler performs for World War II soldiers in ... the Boys
FOR "___ he's a jolly good fellow"
FOR In support of backing the ruling head
FOR "Don't Cry ___ Me Argentina" by 21 Across
FOR "...___ spacious skies"
FOR Pink Floyd "Lost ___ Words"
FOR Kind of tune
FOR '___ Pete's sake!'
FOR Because profits are up a bit?
FOR Favouring just three letters out of the nine
FOR In pursuit of
FOR In lieu of
FOR Taking years to go in search of food
FOR Wanting
FOR Queen ___ a Day (old TV show)
FOR See 96-Across
FOR In favour of returning at mid-April
FOR Preposition on a gift tag
FOR Start of a Hemingway title
FOR Because of hearty efforts?
FOR Desires
FOR Word in many Sue Grafton titles
FOR Like one debate side
FOR Debate side
FOR In favor of
FOR Favouring a bit of comfort
FOR Anti-anti
FOR Not against
FOR Supportive of
FOR Batting ___ (pinch-hitting)
FOR National Association ___ the Advancement of Colored People (N.A.A.C.P.)
FOR The Yardbirds' "___ Your Love"
FOR Substitute's preposition
FOR Playing ___ keeps
FOR Because it"s in place of
FOR One side of a debate
FOR Tit-tat connection
FOR ___ a song; cheap
FOR Swap bird for lace - quid pro quo
FOR In favour of a verbal warning
FOR No Country ___ Old Men
FOR "That's food ___ thought"
FOR Word in the Musketeer's slogan
FOR Ireland joined Partnership ___ Peace in 1999.
FOR Supporting lifting of first of restrictions
FOR See 62-Down
FOR On the occasion of
FOR 3 & 20 Dn. Kind of cap providing a change of gear
FOR Dedicated to
FOR Putting ___ par
FOR Because of getting upset over a redhead
FOR Tommy Lee Jones thriller, No Country... Old Men
FOR Behind
FOR As a result
FOR "The Hunt ___ Red October"; Sean Connery film
FOR Because of
FOR Debate position
FOR "When in the Course of human Events, it becomes necessary ___ one People..."

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