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EWE Maa ma'am?
EWE Female animal guarded by a shepherd
EWE Female sheep
EWE Female sheep quarters
EWE Mother in wool
EWE Mother baa-baa maker
EWE Female of the flock
EWE She may get sheared
EWE Lamb producer
EWE Mother with little lambs
EWE Source of Manchego cheese
EWE Ovine one
EWE Fleecy flock female
EWE Wool provider
EWE Language of Ghana and Togo or a female sheep
EWE Bighorn's attraction
EWE She's often fleeced
EWE Farm female
EWE Fleeced female
EWE Creature from the west
EWE Merino's mom
EWE Source of feta cheese
EWE Baaing beauty?
EWE Cote mama
EWE Meadow mower
EWE Lea creature
EWE Young ram's ma'am
EWE Wooly mom
EWE Female that may be fleeced
EWE Sheep being trimmed in smaller numbers
EWE Female led by a border collie
EWE Farm female that might need shearing crossword clue
EWE Farm female that might need shearing
EWE Lamb supplier, you said
EWE Lamb supplier, you said
EWE Homophone of "you" that shares no letters with it
EWE Bleating mom
EWE Female animal that sounds like a pronoun
EWE Livestock creature
EWE Female lamb
EWE You may spot her in 31a
EWE Shepherd's female animal
EWE Mama to a lamb
EWE Wool-producing she-animal
EWE Sheepish girl
EWE Palindromic farm female
EWE Female on farm following zigzag path?
EWE Female on the farm
EWE Female in a pen
EWE Female in a pasture
EWE Mrs. Ram
EWE Sheep headed east, looked back, then continued
EWE Its appearance in the wet may be considered ovine
EWE Feminine sheep
EWE Being a beast, we go back east
EWE Lamb's guardian
EWE Farm animal with wool
EWE Ms Merino
EWE Wool coat owner
EWE Grazing beast
EWE Little lamb's mom
EWE AcrossLittle lamb's mom
EWE Nephew Esau accommodating Jacob? Not he!
EWE Mouflon who's a mom
EWE You might see this in field in nice weather
EWE Sheep's ma
EWE Wool-producing creature
EWE Border collie's charge
EWE Sounds like you could be a cheesy producer
EWE She sounds like you
EWE Ma'am with a lamb?
EWE Lamb's kin
EWE Livestock found in sewer
EWE She'll provide material to knit or to sew embroidery
EWE Creature with fleece
EWE Wool producer in the Western Isles
EWE She's the sort to follow you I've been told
EWE Animal that sounds exactly like you
EWE Either way you sound sheepish
EWE Animal that might be mistaken for you
EWE Animal you might sound like
EWE Animal responsible for Romano cheese
EWE Finish before we display a female sheep
EWE Dairy farm animal
EWE Farmland female
EWE You listen to sheep?
EWE She puts the "she" in "sheep"
EWE Yes, it's a sheep which ever way you look at it
EWE Certain flock member
EWE Fewer found in animal
EWE She has a little lamb?
EWE Blame shifted, after royal subject knocked over dearest possession
EWE Blame shifted, after royal subject knocked over dearest possession
EWE Member of the flock
EWE She may be fleeced
EWE Heard second person's sheep
EWE A female sheep.
EWE She in a lea
EWE Ram's mom
EWE Wife-bleater?

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