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ETC That sorta thing
ETC Abbr. often repeated after itself
ETC "... to name just a few": Abbr.
ETC Abbr. akin to "yadda, yadda, yadda"
ETC "And more," in store names
ETC End of some lists
ETC Abbreviation meaning "plus additional things"
ETC List shortener hidden in eight long puzzle answers
ETC Wd. often mispronounced with an x sound
ETC What Latin term is used in English in its abbreviated form and means "and other things"?
ETC "And others I don't have room to mention": Abbr.
ETC And in France get a hundred - and the rest (abbrev)
ETC And in France get 100 – and the rest (abbrev)
ETC Replacement for the unlisted?
ETC Abbr. that may end a list
ETC It's used for shortening: Abbr.
ETC "And others too numerous to list": Abbr.
ETC "Too many to list" abbr.
ETC Abbreviation for the rest
ETC It means "and others" at the end of a list: Abbr.
ETC Abbr. sometimes used twice in a row
ETC And others of the same sort: Abbr.
ETC Et cetera
ETC Phrase repeated by the king in "The King and I"
ETC Short for etcetera
ETC Ingredient in sweet chestnut, and others
ETC "And so on and so forth"
ETC And so on, in Lat.
ETC Popular space-saving device
ETC Abbr. after several examples
ETC "I won't bore you with the rest"
ETC "And the list goes on" (abbr.)
ETC Alternative to an ellipsis, maybe
ETC "And all that jazz"
ETC And so on and so forth
ETC List ending abbr.
ETC List ending abbr.
ETC And others (abbr.)
ETC Phrase repeated in "The King and I"
ETC End-of-sentence abbr.
ETC Catchall for omitted items
ETC And so forth
ETC "And so forth"
ETC Busy person's abbr.
ETC Sentence ender
ETC "No need to elaborate"
ETC "No need to elaborate"
ETC "Yada yada yada" relative: Abbr.
ETC Mailboxes ___
ETC Something used for shortening
ETC Abbr. for a person running out of list space
ETC It's seen briefly at the end of a list?
ETC What the king repeatedly says in "The King and I"
ETC Common abbr. after a comma
ETC Substitute for the unlisted
ETC Some Common Market countries - and the rest
ETC End- of- list abbr.
ETC Abbr. that can be written with an ampersand
ETC Tripled, a line from "The King and I"
ETC List-reducing abbr.
ETC Cuz of "blah blah blah"
ETC Abbreviation meaning 'and the rest'
ETC Last letters of a list, maybe
ETC List-completing abbr.
ETC "Yadda, yadda, yadda"
ETC Abbr. at the end of a series
ETC "... and on and on" on a list
ETC Another list ender
ETC What have you, briefly
ETC The last thing in lists?
ETC Ink saver of a sort
ETC "And that sort of thing": Abbr.
ETC Widely used abbr.
ETC Abbreviation after a list
ETC Abbr. meaning "and more"
ETC And the like
ETC "Stuff like that"
ETC And more related stuff, briefly
ETC Catchall phrase
ETC Abbr. of a Latin phrase
ETC "Blah blah blah"
ETC "Blah, blah, blah..."
ETC List ender (abbr.)
ETC Common abbreviation in alphabet cipher
ETC Handy pc. of Latin
ETC Series ender, often
ETC The abbreviation for et cetera
ETC "And many others": Abbr.
ETC Abbr. rarely seen at the start of a sentence
ETC The last thing in a list, maybe
ETC "I could go on, but won't"
ETC Bel Kaufman's "Love, ___"
ETC Full of anticipation (5); Santa wears one (7); One who allots or portions out
ETC Series finale, often
ETC All-encompassing abbr.
ETC List shortener (abbr.)
ETC List shortener
ETC And others: Abbr.
ETC And that's not all
ETC Abbr. that may precede an ellipsis

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