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ESTONIAN European head of state entertained by college student
ESTONIAN Schoolboy boxing southern European
ESTONIAN Kroon spender
ESTONIAN Parisian is working with Scot and other European
ESTONIAN European scholar entertains society
ESTONIAN Last of schoolboys (e.g. Boris) almost making it to Head of State
ESTONIAN Unfair tension over a person from Eastern Europe
ESTONIAN Former Soviet
ESTONIAN From one of the three Baltics
ESTONIAN European playing tennis, holds ball to win ace
ESTONIAN Like the developers of Skype
ESTONIAN Language of society internalised by public schoolboy
ESTONIAN Tallinn native
ESTONIAN From Tallinn, for example
ESTONIAN Relative of Finnish
ESTONIAN Baltic native
ESTONIAN College boy embracing small European
ESTONIAN Unorthodox saint one found in a Baltic state
ESTONIAN Unorthodox saint one found in Baltic state
ESTONIAN European language of one million
ESTONIAN Old school figure embracing southern and eastern European
ESTONIAN European nations upset after vote, ultimately
ESTONIAN Baltic-born, quite possibly
ESTONIAN Language closely related to Finnish
ESTONIAN About to treat the insane foreigner
ESTONIAN European college student welcoming recess, finally
ESTONIAN A national saint put forward by schoolboys
ESTONIAN Baltic state native
ESTONIAN Scholar entertains Pole or other European
ESTONIAN European from North or South hugged by schoolboy
ESTONIAN Foreigner Sean bumped into, running in
ESTONIAN Anne is to become a former Russian
ESTONIAN Antoine's resolved to be European
ESTONIAN Public schoolboy gets second in foreign language
ESTONIAN Baltic native

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