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ESAU "Hairy man" in Genesis
ESAU Biblical farmer
ESAU Brother of Jacob in the Old Testament who exchanged his birthright for some lentil stew
ESAU He was beheaded, and Saul curtailed this biblical character
ESAU Birthright-for-pottage trader
ESAU Biblical name from the Hebrew for "hairy"
ESAU Jacob"s twin brother
ESAU Rising employment included a son of Isaac
ESAU "I saw ___ kissing Kate..." (tongue twister)
ESAU Adah's spouse
ESAU "Cunning hunter" in Genesis
ESAU He was told to "live by the sword"
ESAU Biblical twin of Jacob
ESAU Biblical twin
ESAU "Hairy one" of the Bible
ESAU Brother of Isaac
ESAU (Old Testament) The eldest son of Isaac who would have inherited the Covenant that God made with Abr
ESAU He might be said to finish on a seesaw
ESAU Birthright salesman
ESAU Hairy man originally examining students at university?
ESAU Kate's kisser in a classic tongue twister
ESAU Forefather of the Edomites
ESAU Early pottage fancier
ESAU Biblical figure referred to as a "son of the desert"
ESAU Granduncle of Onan
ESAU In the Old Testament, the twin brother of Jacob
ESAU Jacob's brother in Charlie's Aunt
ESAU Abraham's grandson (Bibl.)
ESAU Brother-in-law of Rachel
ESAU Brother to Jacob (OT)
ESAU Twin brother of Jacob in the Old Testament
ESAU The hairy twin, in the Bible
ESAU Uncle of Reuben
ESAU Bible: son of Rebecca and Isaac and twin brother of Jacob
ESAU Twin of Jacob and in-law of 30-Down
ESAU An uncle of Joseph
ESAU "___ Wood would saw wood" (part of an old tongue twister)
ESAU Genesis figure known as the "cunning hunter"
ESAU "I saw ___ sitting on a see-saw"
ESAU Seesaw-sitter of rhyme
ESAU OT character in the Bible ___ Saul?
ESAU Biblical character whose name means "hairy"
ESAU A biblical first son
ESAU The "cunning hunter" in Genesis
ESAU An elder twin brother of one's 1
ESAU Birthright seller of the Bible
ESAU "Genesis" twin
ESAU A son-in-law of Eton
ESAU His inheritance finally cut, they tell us
ESAU Genesis gent
ESAU Hairy man in the sauna
ESAU Jacob's sib
ESAU He sold out to Jacob
ESAU Use a different name for Jacob's twin brother
ESAU Sold his birthright to his younger twin brother, Jacob
ESAU Isaac's slightly older son
ESAU Isaac's eldest son
ESAU 1997 Philip Kerr best-selling mystery
ESAU Seesaw sitter of verse
ESAU Seesaw sitter, of rhyme
ESAU Ancestor of the Edomites
ESAU Abraham's biblical grandson
ESAU The "you" in "you will serve your brother"
ESAU "I saw ___ sawing wood..." (old tongue twister)
ESAU "Hairy man" of the Bible
ESAU He"s in the bible and the thesaurus
ESAU He married two Hittites to the chagrin of his parents, in Genesis
ESAU Genesis bowman
ESAU Kate kisser in a tongue twister
ESAU Biblical character raised in Joshua's entourage
ESAU Rising employment included a brother of Jacob
ESAU Elder son of Isaac and Rebekah
ESAU "___ Wood would saw wood..." (part of a classic tongue twister)
ESAU Some observe Saul is a Biblical character
ESAU Womb-mate of Jacob
ESAU Service revolving around a biblical man
ESAU "My Brother ___" (Grateful Dead song)
ESAU Jacob's brother and son drowned in France?
ESAU Founder of Edom
ESAU Isaac and Rebekah's firstborn
ESAU He arrived just before Jacob
ESAU Rebekah's first born
ESAU Biblical pottage purchaser
ESAU Gives authority to keep Jacob's brother
ESAU Grandson of Sarah
ESAU Big Brother gets backing when suppressed by Brussels
ESAU Gets value intermittently for cheated brother
ESAU His brother cheated him out of apple sauce
ESAU Cheated brother had news value regularly
ESAU Thesaurus includes word for man tricked by kid brother
ESAU In the Old Testament, son of Isaac and Rebecca and twin brother of Jacob, to whom he sold his birthright
ESAU Older son of Isaac, in the Bible
ESAU Elder of the twin sons of Isaac and Rebecca
ESAU Genesis name
ESAU Hungry hunter tucked into the sausages
ESAU In the Old Testament, the twin brother of Jacob, to whom he exchanged his birthright for some "red pottage"
ESAU Biblical brother
ESAU Twin in the Torah
ESAU Jacob's OT twin
ESAU Birthright trader

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