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ENOS Son of Seth in the Old Testament who lived nine hundred and five years
ENOS 'Country' Slaughter's real first name
ENOS First name of the Cardinal who made a "mad dash" from first to home in the bottom of the eighth inni
ENOS 1940's Cardinal ___ Slaughter
ENOS "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Tony nominee Mireille ___
ENOS Grandkid of Eve
ENOS Slaughter who was a star of the 1946 World Series
ENOS 1980's TV police comedy
ENOS Project Mercury chimp
ENOS Brian and Roger of musical note
ENOS Hazzard County lawman
ENOS "The Dukes of Hazzard" spin-off
ENOS Little ___, of "Smokey and the Bandit" movies
ENOS 1961 chimp in space
ENOS "And Seth lived an hundred and five years, and begat ___"
ENOS Relative of 14-Across
ENOS Baseball player Slaughter
ENOS Orbiting chimp of 1961
ENOS Busby Berkeley's real last name
ENOS "Dukes of Hazard" deputy
ENOS First name of the TV deputy of Hazzard County
ENOS Deputy sheriff of TV's Hazzard County
ENOS Bumbling TV deputy
ENOS "Country" Slaughter of the Cardinals
ENOS Old man of the Bible
ENOS 68 Baseball great ___ Slaughter
ENOS Slaughter in the Hall of Fame
ENOS Early name in 1 Chronicles
ENOS Book after Jacob in the Book of Mormon
ENOS Jacob's son, in the Book of Mormon
ENOS Slaughter on the baseball field?
ENOS Cardinals slugger Slaughter
ENOS Book before Jarom in the Book of Mormon
ENOS Baseball's "Country" Slaughter
ENOS Slaughter who killed baseballs
ENOS Hazzard County officer, on TV
ENOS Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane's underling
ENOS Chimp in a spacesuit
ENOS Baseball Hall-of-Famer Slaughter
ENOS Nephew of Cain and Abel
ENOS Slaughter of St. Louis
ENOS Mercury-Atlas 5 chimp
ENOS Son of Seth
ENOS Project Mercury simian
ENOS "Book of Mormon" book
ENOS Baseball's ___ Slaughter
ENOS Ballplayer Slaughter.
ENOS Adam and Eve were his grandparents
ENOS Musical brothers Brian and Roger
ENOS Bat-man Slaughter
ENOS Western Electric founder ___ Barton
ENOS Big band horns
ENOS Bible's first reported grandkid
ENOS Chimpanzee astronaut
ENOS Monkey in 1961 news
ENOS "... Hazzard" cop
ENOS "Dukes of Hazzard" spinoff series
ENOS Biblical oldster
ENOS "And Seth...begat ___"
ENOS Great-great-great grandfather of Methuselah
ENOS Ancestor of Noah
ENOS First family grandson
ENOS Eve's grandson
ENOS Baseball Hall-of-Famer ___ Slaughter
ENOS Slaughter of baseball lore
ENOS He was third behind Jackie and Stan for the 1949 N.L. MVP
ENOS Book after Jacob, in "The Book of Mormon"
ENOS Biblical son begat by a 105-year-old father
ENOS Biblical character who had a son at age 90 and then lived another 815 years
ENOS Mireille who stars on the new ABC series "The Catch"
ENOS Acute
ENOS 1946 N.L. RBI leader Slaughter
ENOS Seth's famous son
ENOS Slaughter of the 1940's-50's Cardinals
ENOS Chimp who orbited the earth in 1961
ENOS Cain's nephew
ENOS Eve's son's son
ENOS Book of the Book of Mormon
ENOS "Dukes of Hazzard" law officer
ENOS Slaughter
ENOS Slaughter
ENOS Adam's grandchild
ENOS Baseball Hall of Famer Slaughter
ENOS Cooperstown's Slaughter
ENOS Baseballer Slaughter
ENOS Genesis grandson
ENOS Biblical patriarch
ENOS Mireille of "If I Stay"
ENOS Baseball's Cabell
ENOS Grandson of 82 Across
ENOS Grandson of Adam and Eve
ENOS Slaughter with a bat
ENOS Slaughter of diamond fame
ENOS Noted space chimp
ENOS Grandson of 21-Across
ENOS Right-fielder ___ Slaughter
ENOS Grandson of 62 Across
ENOS Grandson of 33-Down exiles
ENOS Genesis name
ENOS Abel's nephew

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