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ELTON 'Island Girl' singer John
ELTON Flamboyant pianist who released the tribute album Candle In The Wind 1997 for the late Princess of W
ELTON "Blue Eyes" singer John
ELTON "Candle in the Wind" singer's first name
ELTON "Your Song" singer John
ELTON John of song
ELTON John of musical fame
ELTON He sang a #1 song with Dionne, Gladys, and Stevie
ELTON John was in the hotel tonight
ELTON Zoologist and author of Animal Ecology who was one of the inventors of the concept of the food chain
ELTON "That's What Friends Are For" name
ELTON Bernie's longtime songwriting partner
ELTON John at the piano
ELTON Mr. ___, scheming vicar in "Emma"
ELTON Ben ____'s first TV success was as a co-writer of The Young Ones
ELTON "Crocodile Rock" composer - John
ELTON "Crocodile Rock" rocker John
ELTON "Crocodile Rock" artist
ELTON John of "Candle in the Wind"
ELTON "Candle in the Wind" singer ___John
ELTON "Candle in the Wind" singer John
ELTON John the singer is left in school
ELTON Let on that he is a singer
ELTON "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" singer John
ELTON The foreign fashion revealed by a singing John
ELTON ___ John, British singer and songwriter whose hits include I'm Still Standing
ELTON John with 56 Top 40 singles in the U.S.
ELTON Name that can mean a lot in the East and North
ELTON Maybe John"s left in college
ELTON One of the writers of TV's Blackadder series, Ben ...
ELTON John with an outrageous wardrobe
ELTON John in an arena
ELTON "Sad Songs" singer John
ELTON 'Songs From the West Coast' singer John
ELTON Aretha's partner in a 1989 pop hit
ELTON Pianist/singer Mr. John
ELTON John with a colorful wardrobe
ELTON The pound note is about to make a comeback, John
ELTON Circle Of Life singer who was born Reginald Dwight, ... John
ELTON "Rocket Man" singer __ John
ELTON British songwriter whose works include Crocodile Rock
ELTON LeAnn's singing partner on "Written in the Stars"
ELTON Singer John who covered the Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"
ELTON First name adopted by Reg Dwight
ELTON Austen clergyman
ELTON English singer John
ELTON N.B.A. star Brand
ELTON Ben ___, comedian and author of the novels This Other Eden and Blast from the Past
ELTON Friend of Dionne in pop music's Dionne & Friends
ELTON John of "Tiny Dancer"
ELTON John Peel cancelling training with heavyweight
ELTON "Bennie and the Jets" singer John
ELTON Simba's songwriter
ELTON He works with Bernie
ELTON Mr. ___, social-climbing vicar in "Emma"
ELTON John who collaborated with Tim Rice on "Aida"
ELTON John of music
ELTON Sir ___ John, singer-songwriter
ELTON John who sang about Diana
ELTON TV comedian, Ben ...
ELTON Vicar's surname in 'Emma'
ELTON Sir ___ John, singer-songwriter who recorded Candle In The Wind
ELTON "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" singer John
ELTON Boy student going into school
ELTON Ben ?, comedian; author of novels This Other Eden and Blast from the Past
ELTON This guy's left in kind of a mess
ELTON John knighted in 1998
ELTON John who married David Furnish
ELTON UK comedian, Ben ...
ELTON First name of the Royal Academy of Music-trained singer-songwriter born Reginald Kenneth Dwight in 1947
ELTON "Candle In the Wind" composer John
ELTON Ben or John left in posh school?
ELTON The Young Ones and Blackadder writer, Ben ...
ELTON "Silly Cow" playwright Ben
ELTON -- John of "Crocodile Rock"
ELTON British megastar pop-rock singer
ELTON He's done duets with Kiki and Aretha
ELTON Rock's ___ John
ELTON John of Britain
ELTON Singer at Diana's funeral
ELTON Pop icon John
ELTON Clergyman in "Emma"
ELTON John who is an "E" away from an EGOT
ELTON Ben ___, comedian, author and playwright
ELTON "Daniel" singer John
ELTON Even zealot John is a pop musician
ELTON "This Other Eden" novelist
ELTON LeAnn's "Written in the Stars" duet partner
ELTON Piano-playing John
ELTON John of the keys
ELTON He duetted with Aretha on "Through the Storm"
ELTON I'm Still Standing rock/pop artist, ___ John
ELTON "Philadelphia Freedom" singer John
ELTON Two-time N.B.A. All-Star Brand
ELTON Singer ___ John who is about to begin a three-year farewell tour
ELTON Piano player John
ELTON John who was knighted in 1998
ELTON Flamboyant rocker, ___ John
ELTON "Madman Across the Water" singer John
ELTON John of "Tommy"

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