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ELISHA Hebrew prophet in the Second Book of Kings
ELISHA Old Testament Hebrew prophet of the 9th century BC
ELISHA Biblical prophet
ELISHA O.T. prophet
ELISHA Old Testament prophet
ELISHA Old Testament prophet
ELISHA Following bishop, this prophet would be a sort of beacon
ELISHA "24" actress Cuthbert
ELISHA Cuthbert who played Kim Bauer on "24"
ELISHA Priest's initially hesitant, encountering a prophet
ELISHA Hebrew prophet
ELISHA Priest quiet when brought before a prophet
ELISHA Priest has upset prophet
ELISHA Swan song
ELISHA Gray who was just a little too late to the patent office
ELISHA Prophet; Thirteen across (anag.)
ELISHA Actor Cook of "The Maltese Falcon"
ELISHA Canadian actress Ms. Cuthbert
ELISHA Priest requiring silence before a prophet
ELISHA Otis the elevator inventor
ELISHA Otis of elevator fame
ELISHA Hebrew prophet of sixth century BC, successor of Elijah
ELISHA Cook on the screen
ELISHA Actress Cuthbert who played Alex on "Happy Endings"
ELISHA Priest's suspicious expression, seeing prophet
ELISHA Bible prophet
ELISHA 2 Kings prophet
ELISHA Prophet seen in chapel is harmless
ELISHA Priest has turned prophet
ELISHA Look forward to taking head off a prophet
ELISHA Sauce not right with a prophet
ELISHA Actor Cook Jr. of The Maltese Falcon
ELISHA Prophet in 2 Kings
ELISHA Engineer Gray who co-founded Western Electric
ELISHA Biblical priest has upset the prophet
ELISHA With 110 Down, pioneer in elevator safety
ELISHA Sheila gets converted by a prophet
ELISHA Cook, Jr. of "Shane"
ELISHA Alexander Graham beat him
ELISHA Telegraphy pioneer and Oberlin professor Gray
ELISHA Samuel's teacher has turned out to be a prophet
ELISHA Elevator innovator's first name
ELISHA Pro QB Manning, by birth
ELISHA Sort of beacon, not the first for prophet
ELISHA Elevator man Otis
ELISHA Cook or Cuthbert
ELISHA Inventor Otis
ELISHA Biblical miracle worker
ELISHA Wonder-working biblical prophet
ELISHA Alexander Graham beat him
ELISHA Cuthbert of "24"
ELISHA "Happy Endings" actress Cuthbert
ELISHA Actress Cuthbert

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