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ELIJAH Hebrew prophet in the time of Jezebel
ELIJAH Hebrew prophet of the Old Testament who denounced Ahab and Jezebel for their worship of Baal
ELIJAH Biblical prophet
ELIJAH O.T. prophet
ELIJAH Old Testament prophet of the 9th century BC who denounced Ahab and Jezebel
ELIJAH Mendelssohn oratorio based on an Old Testament prophet
ELIJAH Old Testament prophet
ELIJAH Hebrew prophet who is part of the seder tradition
ELIJAH Oratorio given a Heil around the beginning of January
ELIJAH Maryland Congressman Cummings
ELIJAH He fought against Baal worship
ELIJAH Black Muslim leader Muhammad
ELIJAH Hebrew prophet
ELIJAH Prophet starting early life in Jericho and Hebron
ELIJAH ___ Muhammad, mentor to Malcolm X
ELIJAH Harper who refused Meech
ELIJAH He was involved in jailbreak in biblical times
ELIJAH He ascended to heaven in a whirlwind, in II Kings
ELIJAH Hebrew prophet who ascended into heaven in a chariot of fire
ELIJAH One of the prophets reappearing at the Transfiguration
ELIJAH Frodo Baggins in the Lord Of The Rings film trilogy, ... Wood
ELIJAH Harper who said no to Meech
ELIJAH Biblical prophet and subject of a Mendelssohn oratorio
ELIJAH Mount Sinai prophet
ELIJAH In the Old Testament, a Hebrew prophet persecuted for denouncing Ahab and Jezebel
ELIJAH Prophet, he reflected about jailbreak
ELIJAH Prophet in I and II Kings
ELIJAH Actor Wood who played Frodo in the "Lord of the Rings" films
ELIJAH The Lord of the Rings actor who stars in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, ___ Wood
ELIJAH He played Frodo in the Lord of the Rings films, ___ Wood
ELIJAH Frodo in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, ------ Wood
ELIJAH "The Lord of the Rings" star Wood
ELIJAH Wood who played a hobbit
ELIJAH Wood in Tolkien films
ELIJAH Wood who starred in the "Lord of Rings" franchise
ELIJAH Sailor who cryptically warns Ishmael about Captain Ahab
ELIJAH Nation of Islam founder ___ Poole Muhammad
ELIJAH Prophet and priest rejected religious pilgrimage
ELIJAH One Biblical guy or another is with God
ELIJAH A miracle-man, he's involved in jailbreak
ELIJAH Super Bowl I rusher Pitts
ELIJAH ____ Wood played Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings films
ELIJAH Hebrew prophet, and Lord of the Rings star Mr Wood
ELIJAH CSI: Cyber: ___ Mundo.
ELIJAH Prophet and pilgrim the French sent to heaven
ELIJAH Biblical prophet who was fed by ravens
ELIJAH Lie about Jack, laugh about prophet
ELIJAH Raiders LB Alexander
ELIJAH Prophet - he managed to contain jail-break
ELIJAH Nation of Islam leader ___ Muhammad
ELIJAH Wood found in many frames?
ELIJAH He has a special Seder cup
ELIJAH OT prophet
ELIJAH Prophet and priest, taking up 13
ELIJAH Frodo in four films
ELIJAH The Hobbit actor ___ Wood
ELIJAH Old prophet taking the Spanish pilgrim westwards
ELIJAH ___ Wood, actor who played Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings films
ELIJAH Wood of Hollywood
ELIJAH Wood of "Sin City"
ELIJAH Hebrew prophet mentioned during 55-Downs
ELIJAH Mendelssohn work he composed with jail-break
ELIJAH Biblical prophet whose name means "Yahweh is my God"
ELIJAH Prophet put priest on short pilgrimage going north
ELIJAH Jezebel's nemesis
ELIJAH Judge in returning briefly acclaimed prophet
ELIJAH Prophet with a chariot of fire
ELIJAH Old Testament prophet who denounced Ahab and Jezebel
ELIJAH Point to Jack inside to greet returning prophet
ELIJAH Oratorio first performed at the Birmingham Festival, in 1846
ELIJAH First Nations leader ___ Harper
ELIJAH Oratorio by Mendelssohn, I judge, in sound being revolutionary
ELIJAH Judge I see behind priest is prophet
ELIJAH Hebrew prophet
ELIJAH Wood in Hollywood
ELIJAH Starred in the US version of Wilfred (------ Wood)
ELIJAH Wood who was Frodo

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