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ELIAS Bo Diddley's real first name
ELIAS Biblical prophet
ELIAS Old Testament prophet
ELIAS Oscar-nominated role for Dafoe
ELIAS Brazil and Atletico Mineiro midfielder whose former clubs include Atletico Madrid
ELIAS Kazan and Lamb
ELIAS Charles Lamb's biblical name?
ELIAS Priest - a saint and prophet
ELIAS He almost sailed back
ELIAS Mount Saint ___ (Yukon/Alaska border peak)
ELIAS Canetti or Howe
ELIAS The middle Habib child in Here Come the Habibs
ELIAS Large vessels found in sewers
ELIAS Sports bureau surname
ELIAS Disney's middle
ELIAS Koteas of "Chicago P.D."
ELIAS Name akin to Ilie
ELIAS Saint ___ Mountains (Mount Vancouver's range)
ELIAS Charles Lamb's biblical name?
ELIAS Sergeant in the 1986 film Platoon, played by Willem Dafoe
ELIAS ___ Sports Bureau (official 58-Down provider for Major League Baseball)
ELIAS Priest's welcoming a prophet
ELIAS Eastern royal possibly backing Hebrew prophet
ELIAS Hebrew prophet
ELIAS Fellow went by boat, shortly turning northwards
ELIAS Priest, also - oddly - a prophet
ELIAS Prophet nearly came back by boat?
ELIAS Prophet left port, mostly with backing
ELIAS Old ABC Western starring Pete Duel: "___ Smith and Jones"
ELIAS Greek Elijah
ELIAS Sports statistics bureau co-founder Walter
ELIAS Howe who had people in stitches
ELIAS Nominally noted sail-maker?
ELIAS Nominally he may be less than pleasing
ELIAS Toni ?, Spanish MotoGP rider; winner of the 2006 Portuguese GP
ELIAS Sewing machine inventor Howe
ELIAS Inventor HOwe
ELIAS Matt ....., silver medallist in the men's 400 metres hurdles at the 2002 Commonwealth Games
ELIAS In the hotel I assumed it was a Biblical character
ELIAS Howe, who put you in stitches?
ELIAS Sewing machine pioneer Howe
ELIAS Middle Habib child in Here Come the Habibs
ELIAS Inventive Howe
ELIAS Patrik ___ has been a Devil for two decades
ELIAS Prophet of Israel, I assume
ELIAS Toni ___, Spanish MotoGP rider; winner of the 2006 Portuguese GP
ELIAS Saint ___ Mountains (Range where Mount Vancouver is)
ELIAS Koteas of 'Crash'
ELIAS Devils winger Patrik
ELIAS With 14 Across, Singer competitor
ELIAS Yukon-Alaska peak, Mount Saint ___
ELIAS Big name in sports statistics
ELIAS Mount Logan is the highest point on this Alaskan border range, the Saint ... Mountains
ELIAS Canadian mixed martial artist, ___ 'The Spartan' Theodorou
ELIAS ___ Sports Bureau
ELIAS Mount St. ___ (Alaska/Canada border peak)
ELIAS 'Crash' actor Koteas
ELIAS Walt Disney's father
ELIAS Canada's Saint ___ Mountains
ELIAS ___ Sports Bureau, baseball's official statistician
ELIAS Mt. St. __, Alaska-Yukon peak
ELIAS Mt. St. ___
ELIAS Walter ___ Disney
ELIAS Sewing machine innovator Howe
ELIAS St. __ Mountains: Alaska/Canada range
ELIAS Mechanical engineer Howe
ELIAS Mount Saint ___, fourth-highest peak in North America
ELIAS ___Howe
ELIAS ___ Sports Bureau (baseball statisticians)
ELIAS Writer Canetti
ELIAS Walter -- Disney
ELIAS Walt ___ Disney
ELIAS Walt Disney's middle name
ELIAS St. ___ Mountains (Yukon range)
ELIAS Sports statistics bureau
ELIAS Sports bureau
ELIAS Sewing man Howe
ELIAS Saint ___ Mountains (range between Canada and Alaska)
ELIAS Saint ___ Mountains (Alaska-Yukon range)
ELIAS Patrik of the NHL
ELIAS Novelist Canetti
ELIAS New Jersey Devils captain Patrik
ELIAS Mt. St. ___ (Alaska peak)
ELIAS Mr. Howe
ELIAS Mount Saint ___: Alaska-Canada peak
ELIAS Man in the aisle
ELIAS Louisiana pro Eldon*
ELIAS Literature Nobelist Canetti
ELIAS King Acorn of "Sonic the Hedgehog"
ELIAS Howe who knew how to sew
ELIAS Howe who kept us in stitches
ELIAS Howe to sew?
ELIAS Howe the inventor
ELIAS Howe of sewers
ELIAS Howe of invention
ELIAS Howe in the National Inventors Hall of Fame
ELIAS Architect Holl
ELIAS Canada's St. ___ Mountains
ELIAS First name in sewers

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