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EDWARD Duke Ellington's real first name
EDWARD Name of the eldest son of George V and Queen Mary (Mary of Teck)
EDWARD English composer whose works included The Dream Of Gerontius and the Pomp And Circumstance Marches
EDWARD Monarch who chose to abdicate the throne in order to marry Mrs Wallis Simpson
EDWARD US writer and artist whose works include 1963 volume The Gashlycrumb Tinies
EDWARD __ Campbell, philandering surgeon who was married to Serena in Holby City
EDWARD King of Anglo-Saxon England from 1042-66
EDWARD Sophie's royal husband kept contents of dated wardrobe
EDWARD The third premier of NZ, ... Stafford
EDWARD 1973's The Day of the Jackal actor, ------ Fox
EDWARD Former prime minister
EDWARD -- Heath, British PM
EDWARD Blue engine in Thomas the Tank Engine
EDWARD Journalist keeps cutting of very small one of the 20A
EDWARD Waged war determinedly to show 1
EDWARD Telepathic "Twilight" vampire
EDWARD Although this king of Britain was the heir apparent from birth, he was over 50 before being allowed an active role in state affairs
EDWARD Boy friend of Snow White shortly grabbed by journalist
EDWARD - VIII; eldest son of George V and Mary of Teck, depicted by Alex Jennings in the 2016 drama series The Crown
EDWARD Chap involved in noted war drama
EDWARD We'd get confused over a road name
EDWARD Alcoholic surgeon played by Aden Gillett who was once married to Serena Campbell in Holby City
EDWARD Plantagenet located within released war dogs
EDWARD - the Confessor; son of Ethelred the Unready who founded Westminster Abbey
EDWARD Diminutive, he lacks a means of protection
EDWARD Women aboard dread flying in Lear, perhaps
EDWARD Scene's ending with conflict between dukes in Lear
EDWARD Jointly the most popular name for a king of England
EDWARD Teller of nuclear secrets?
EDWARD Johnny Depp fantasy drama, ... Scissorhands
EDWARD - IV; England's first Yorkist king
EDWARD Male name
EDWARD Limerick writer Lear
EDWARD He appears in a spirited war dance
EDWARD Abdicator of 1936
EDWARD Royal personage? Journalist must take care
EDWARD Picture the king of cutting-edge digital design?
EDWARD King needing tips to end conflict with duke
EDWARD And 7 British dramatist and theatre director whose plays include 1965's Saved
EDWARD Name of several British kings
EDWARD Boy's name
EDWARD England and Germany fighting over daughter of old king
EDWARD __ Bear, original name of Winnie-the-Pooh
EDWARD Name Lambert Simnel took when crowned
EDWARD Uncrowned king of England disheartened by division in city
EDWARD Whitey Ford's first name
EDWARD Star of American History X, ___ Norton
EDWARD Daniel Deronda actor, ... Fox
EDWARD Man's name
EDWARD English prince
EDWARD Name of eight kings of England
EDWARD One of eight from a demoralised War Department
EDWARD The Illusionist actor, ... Norton
EDWARD Journo with plug about King Lear, say
EDWARD Conflict between newspaper boss, duke and king
EDWARD Journalist covering hostilities deserted old king
EDWARD Name of eight English kings
EDWARD "Collateral Beauty" actor Norton
EDWARD Former King, in endless whirl, suppressing conflict
EDWARD Sophie's royal husband
EDWARD 'Twilight' character who turned into a vampire at age 17
EDWARD The prince in "The Prince and the Pauper"
EDWARD Star of The Equalizer (------ Woodward)
EDWARD R. Murrow or G. Robinson
EDWARD Christian name of Enigma Variations composer
EDWARD Mr. Norton
EDWARD Fiori, formally
EDWARD British royal name
EDWARD A pedantic clergyman obsessed with finishing his scholarly research in George Eliot's novel Middlemarch See 38
EDWARD Robert Pattinson's role in the Twilight films, ------ Cullen
EDWARD He gave up the throne for Wallis
EDWARD Wallace's duke
EDWARD Prince ___ Island; province of Canada
EDWARD It is the king of the potatoes
EDWARD The 29 of 6
EDWARD Johnny Depp film, .... Scissorhands
EDWARD Elizabeth's youngest
EDWARD The Equalizer star (------ Woodward)
EDWARD The Queen's youngest son
EDWARD Part of e.e. cummings
EDWARD Which royal married Sophie Rhys-Jones?
EDWARD Bring back sketch of French kings
EDWARD First name of e.e. cummings
EDWARD "Early Sunday Morning" artist Hopper
EDWARD Prince in "The Prince and the Pauper"
EDWARD Warded off Mr Woodward or Mr Scissorhands
EDWARD Las Vegas character played by James Caan: _ Deline.
EDWARD American History X actor, ... Furlong
EDWARD Name of many English kings
EDWARD First name of the third son of the Queen and Prince Philip, husband of Sophie, Countess of Wessex
EDWARD Lateral thinker ... de Bono
EDWARD King taking part in animated war dance
EDWARD Informant Snowden
EDWARD He is, in short, a martial figure
EDWARD Canada's Prince ___ Island
EDWARD Painter Hopper
EDWARD "Twilight" vampire

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