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EDDA Audrey Hepburn's real first name
EDDA "Prose ___": Icelandic poetic manual
EDDA Iceland's Oscar
EDDA Collection of early Icelandic literature, dating from the 13th century
EDDA 13th-century collection
EDDA Poetic work with an account of Ragnarok
EDDA Readings in Germanic mythology
EDDA Ibsen heroine losing husband, in the Norse story
EDDA Old Norse myth
EDDA Poetry collection doing the rounds in summer mostly
EDDA 13th-century literary work
EDDA Source of myths of tailless snake returning
EDDA "Poetic ___": ancient Icelandic work
EDDA Eastern divine introducing a collection of old Norse poems
EDDA Poem that's a source of Norse mythology
EDDA Centuries-old Icelandic work
EDDA Prose ? or Younger ?, guide to Icelandic poetry by historian Snorri Sturluson
EDDA Ancient Icelandic text
EDDA 13th-century writings
EDDA Poems of Norse mythology
EDDA A primary source for Scandinavian mythology
EDDA Word linking with "Prose" or "Poetic" for two ancient Icelandic manuscripts containing tales, legends and ballads of Scandinavian mythology
EDDA Collection of Scandinavian myths
EDDA Old writings mentioning Odin
EDDA Northern myth of summer"s incomplete return?
EDDA 800-year-old work on mythology
EDDA Early Icelandic prose
EDDA 15th Century Old Norse poetic saga
EDDA Mussolini's daughter
EDDA Traditional book for bringing English tot up
EDDA Collection of legends
EDDA Editor has publicity circulated for poetry collection
EDDA Collection of tales circulated in Blackadder
EDDA Norse tales
EDDA Tropical starchy tuberous root.
EDDA The Icelandic equivalent of an Oscar or a Bafta
EDDA Epic works from the much admired Dante
EDDA Collection of Norse poems
EDDA It contains the "Gylfaginning"
EDDA Old literary collection
EDDA Start to examine and tot up books
EDDA Editor ultimately rejected a poetry collection
EDDA Book of poems having partly influenced Dante
EDDA Scandinavian books containing a collection of ancient mythological songs
EDDA Early work of mythology
EDDA English divine given a set of Old N orse poems
EDDA Some antiquated Danish or Icelandic poems
EDDA Lots of old lines essential in speed dating
EDDA Cocoyam
EDDA Inspiration for Wagner's Ring Cycle
EDDA Icelandic work of Snorri Sturluson
EDDA Icelandic poetic work
EDDA Collection of old Norse poems, the Poetic ...
EDDA Icelandic poem collection
EDDA Collection of old songs, each with divine content
EDDA Summary of Norse myths
EDDA Source of much Germanic mythology
EDDA 13th cent. Norse saga
EDDA Classic literature of Iceland
EDDA Old Norse literature
EDDA Icelandic literary work
EDDA II Duce's daughter
EDDA Ancient Norse work
EDDA Source for Wagner's "The Ring of the Nibelung"
EDDA Old lines used in speed-dating
EDDA Norse source for Loki lore
EDDA Icelandic poetic work
EDDA Icelandic epic
EDDA 13th-century literary work
EDDA Mythology anthology
EDDA Prose — or Younger —, guide to Icelandic poetry by historian Snorri Sturluson
EDDA Icelandic saga
EDDA Historic Icelandic work
EDDA Norse writings
EDDA Old Icelandic poetry
EDDA Summary of Norse mythology

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