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EBAY Website where the town of Bridgeville, California was sold in 2002
EBAY *Fortune 500 company based in San Jose, Calif.
EBAY Company whose Nasdaq symbol is the company's name
EBAY Company name whose second letter is capitalized
EBAY Website with the heading "Recently Viewed Items"
EBAY Site with the option "Shop by category"
EBAY City-traffic stopper
EBAY Website "Weird Al" Yankovic mentions in a Backstreet Boys parody
EBAY Big name in Internet auctions
EBAY It debuted the "Buy It Now" option in 2000
EBAY Internet giant launched in September 1995
EBAY It may do your bidding
EBAY 1998 Internet high-flier
EBAY "Buy It Now" Web site
EBAY Popular surfing destination?
EBAY Site with "top-rated sellers"
EBAY Tech company in the Fortune 500
EBAY Auction web site founded by computer programmer Pierre Omidyar in 1995
EBAY One place to find used LPs
EBAY It began as AuctionWeb in '95
EBAY Bidding war site
EBAY Company whose name is pig Latin for an insect
EBAY Big dot-com headquartered in San Jose
EBAY "The World's Online Marketplace"
EBAY Self-described "World's Online Marketplace"
EBAY Company plugged prominently in "Transformers"
EBAY Site with a "Best Deals. Period. Mic Drop." button
EBAY Big name in on-line auctions
EBAY Company Meg Whitman led to greatness
EBAY 24/7 auction site
EBAY Subject of the 2002 book "The Perfect Store"
EBAY Site where a buyer could be "sniped" at the last second
EBAY Net sales locale?
EBAY Cybershopping site found in the four longest Across answers
EBAY Auction site that banned the sale of a soul in a jar
EBAY You can't sell beer here
EBAY Website where one of the first items ever sold was a broken laser pointer
EBAY Fruity-smelling compound
EBAY Keen interest
EBAY "Buy It Now" website
EBAY StubHub's parent
EBAY Former owner of PayPal
EBAY Company whose name is Pig Latin for "be"
EBAY Online auction site crossword clue
EBAY Website with a "Buy It Now" option
EBAY Online auction site with a "Sports Memorabilia" category
EBAY Online auction site since 1995
EBAY Website that holds auctions
EBAY Auction site with a colorful logo
EBAY Selling site
EBAY Internet auction company
EBAY Website that once auctioned the original Hollywood sign for $450 400
EBAY Auction website
EBAY Major buying and selling website
EBAY Popular online marketplace
EBAY Where many "Buy it now"
EBAY StubHub parent company
EBAY Website with a PowerSeller program
EBAY Amazon competitor
EBAY Web auction site
EBAY Auction website with a Motors section
EBAY Online site auction
EBAY Rare success story from the dot-com bubble
EBAY Site for buying or selling vinyl
EBAY Sniper's site
EBAY Site for cyber- bids
EBAY Weird Al song that wonders, "Tell me why I bid on Shatner's old toupee"
EBAY "World's Online Marketplace"
EBAY Site that started as Auction Web
EBAY PayPal's former parent
EBAY Site for snipers
EBAY AuctionWeb, since 1997
EBAY "The meaning of life" once sold on it for $3.26
EBAY Auction website where you can "Buy It Now"
EBAY Website with a "Shop by category" search query
EBAY Website where a last-minute bidder is called a "sniper"
EBAY Famous website where the public can buy or sell goods
EBAY Online auction company
EBAY Auction venue
EBAY Auction website that owns
EBAY Company that bought (and later sold) Skype
EBAY Parent company of StubHub
EBAY Devin Wenig is its CEO
EBAY Online auction venue
EBAY Website where high-rated users are called PowerSellers
EBAY Online bidding center
EBAY Cyberauction company
EBAY Website with a Watch list
EBAY Popular bidding site
EBAY Site with seller ratings
EBAY Website with a Collectibles ' Art section
EBAY Site with a "Shop by Category" button
EBAY Where some buy used LPs
EBAY Online auction site
EBAY Auction website for selling Laurus nobilis, perhaps!
EBAY Website where you can't sell animals or lock-picking sets
EBAY Which company owns PayPal?
EBAY Website that was originally called AuctionWeb
EBAY Site with a "Shop by category" option
EBAY Website with auctions

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