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EAST "... and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the ___ of Eden"
EAST "And Lot journeyed ___" (Gen 13:11)
EAST Amazon River's flow
EAST Los Angeles-to-San Bernardino direction
EAST Asian region, with "the"
EAST Mah jong seat
EAST Point the way the Wise Men came from
EAST Late Senator from N.C.
EAST "Witches of ___ End"
EAST Scottish Football League club based in Methil
EAST North Carolina senator who committed suicide, 1986
EAST Second piece of news, in a way?
EAST Beast from the ___; nickname for the cold spell and heavy snowfall this year
EAST Mah Jongg starter
EAST Michael, English organist and composer of the five-part madrigal Hence Stars
EAST Direction Elijah took from Eastwood
EAST Big ___ (sports conference)
EAST Big sports group?
EAST The point of the joke as told to me
EAST Port side when sailing south
EAST In 1924 the ___ Coast first heard a radio broadcast from the British Isles
EAST Locale of Shakespeare's "fiery portal"
EAST "When I think of those _ _ _ _ end lights, muggy nights", from Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight"
EAST End of London that sees more than its fair share of drama!
EAST Rising sun setting
EAST Formerly, the Balkan States and the Ottoman Empire
EAST Down or Middle follower
EAST To right if facing North
EAST Whence the Magi, with "the"
EAST Whence came the Magi
EAST Even Degas set this direction
EAST Where the Boar's Head had a point - good value
EAST Brute heading off in one direction
EAST In France and when in the Orient
EAST Cockneys, broadly
EAST - India Company; trading company established by English merchants under a Royal Charter issued by Elizabeth I in 1600
EAST "___ of Eden" (Jo Van Fleet movie)
EAST Baking need
EAST ___ Germany (former nation that built the Berlin Wall in 1961)
EAST Where Carson's Carnac was from
EAST Fort Worth-to-Dallas direction
EAST Miss start in haste to get back to front in Asia
EAST Walford ___, Tube stop nearest to Albert Square
EAST -- Haven, CT
EAST Cold War side
EAST The direction of the earth's rotation
EAST ___ Room (largest room in the White House)
EAST White House room
EAST AL division
EAST It's often labeled "mysterious"
EAST Slap-up meal, but no starter for one of four at table
EAST China is in it, with "the"
EAST Take a seat to the Orient
EAST Seat in the 3 p.m. position in a bridge column
EAST A Wicked Witch's home
EAST ___ St. Louis, Ill.
EAST With 70 Across, U.N. member since 2002
EAST It's right in the atlas
EAST In the direction of part of the hospital facing the morning sun!
EAST Player in deal, as featured in very successful movie
EAST Coast repped by Wu-Tang and Biggie
EAST Final points of hemisphere, via mysterious Orient
EAST The Maritimes, from Alberta
EAST Where the sun comes up
EAST Marco Polo's original heading
EAST The way to blend teas
EAST Domain of the witch crushed by Dorothy's house
EAST Beast from the -; nickname for the cold spell and heavy snowfall this year
EAST Clapton bassist Nathan
EAST Towards the dawn
EAST Part of 132 Across
EAST Describing some winds
EAST The closest Tube station to Albert Square is Walford __
EAST Whence one wicked witch
EAST From Liverpool to Manchester
EAST Dili is the capital of this part of the island of Timor
EAST The way one must travel to gain time
EAST The way to make a collapsible seat?
EAST Middle ___ (region where Kuwait is)
EAST West's bridge partner
EAST Atlantic coast
EAST St. John's dir., to most of us
EAST Bidder, perhaps, participating in sale as thought
EAST ___ of Eden starred James Dean
EAST The Brooklyn Bridge spans the ___ River.
EAST Geographic area
EAST Geographic area
EAST It's right in an atlas
EAST New York's ___ River
EAST ___ Coast (states bordering the Atlantic Ocean)
EAST ___on the eyes
EAST Direction of the earth's rotation
EAST Near ___ (Turkey's region)
EAST 86 Across direction
EAST From Lanai to Maui, e.g.
EAST "River" spanned by the Brooklyn Bridge
EAST Seat at bridge
EAST ___ River (what the Brooklyn Bridge crosses over)
EAST New York's Upper ___ Side

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