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DONNA Tori Spelling role on "90210"
DONNA Terminally ill copper who"s returned to the Dales with her daughter April
DONNA Ritchie Valens' lady of song
DONNA Party upset one woman then another
DONNA Former wife of Marlon Dingle who returned to Yorkshire with his daughter
DONNA She received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar playing against type in her role as a prostitute in Fro
DONNA Woman's name that means "woman" in Italian
DONNA She received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar playing against type in her role as a prostitute in From Here To Eternity, ... Reed
DONNA Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for From Here to Eternity
DONNA Reed of "From Here to Eternity"
DONNA Sarah Rafferty plays Harvey Specter's legal secretary, ___ Paulsen, in Suits
DONNA Market rival to Bianca Butcher and Kat Moon in EastEnders
DONNA Andrews of the L.P.G.A.
DONNA Catherine Tate's Dr Who character, ... Noble
DONNA See 10
DONNA Olympic swimmer de Varona
DONNA Summer or Reed
DONNA Snarky Bridge Street Market trader who uses a wheelchair in EastEnders
DONNA Shalala, who will become president of the University of Miami
DONNA See 23
DONNA "Doctor Who" companion portrayed by comedian and actress Catherine Tate
DONNA This bolshie Walford market trader sells clothes on her stall on Bridge Street
DONNA Poet's answer at last for English lady
DONNA Italian equivalent of madam or lady
DONNA A temperamental star is called a prima ...
DONNA 1959 #2 hit whose flip side was "La Bamba"
DONNA Italian woman of rank
DONNA Name sung after "Oh" in a 1959 hit
DONNA Disco era star Summer
DONNA & 20D Robbie Jackson's other half in Eastenders
DONNA Ms. Douglas of "The Beverly Hillbillies"
DONNA She played Elly May on "The Beverly Hillbillies"
DONNA Italian lady introduced to London nanny
DONNA Former H.H.S. Secretary Shalala
DONNA Lady entertainer without qualification
DONNA - Lynne Champlin of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"
DONNA Emmerdale copper who recently returned to the village shortly before her tragic death
DONNA Prima __ (opera star)
DONNA Title girl in a Ritchie Valens hit
DONNA Reed of "It's a Wonderful Life"
DONNA "Mamma Mia!" mamma
DONNA Reed with a '50s-'60s sitcom
DONNA "That 70's Show" girl
DONNA Tori's role on "Beverly Hills, 90210"
DONNA She played James's wife in It's a Wonderful Life
DONNA Fashion's Karan
DONNA ----- Summer, US singer with hit "I Feel Love" in 1977
DONNA What an Italian lady may be called
DONNA Ritchie Valens hit on the flip side of "La Bamba"
DONNA Disco diva Summer
DONNA Polite form of address for an Italian, Spanish or Portuguese lady
DONNA Rudy's ex
DONNA "Beverly Hills 90210" female
DONNA "The ___ Reed Show"
DONNA A lady abroad, and no mistake
DONNA Title tattooed teen in a "Hair" song
DONNA An indication of approval backing Italian lady
DONNA Spanish lady's title
DONNA An agreement to return to see girl
DONNA Ritchie Valens or Bob Marley tune
DONNA Female cricket side limited by biochemical factor
DONNA Get on news with a lady from Italy
DONNA "Parks and Recreation" woman
DONNA Summer who sang "On the Radio"
DONNA Diva, prima ...
DONNA Ms. Pescow of "Saturday night Fever" (1977)
DONNA Interim DNC head Brazile
DONNA Avett Bros. "Bella ___"
DONNA Queen of Disco Summer
DONNA Mobile one of song
DONNA Name from the Latin for "woman in charge"
DONNA "Last Dance" singer Ms. Summer
DONNA Reed or Karan
DONNA Ritchie Valens title song lady
DONNA A girl put on notice achieves firsts
DONNA Disco star Summer
DONNA Clinton Cabinet member Shalala
DONNA Play Misty For Me actress, ... Mills
DONNA Richie Valens tune
DONNA Flip side of "La Bamba" in '58
DONNA 1958 hit whose B-side was "La Bamba"
DONNA Singer Summer
DONNA Fashion designer Karan
DONNA Disco singer Summer
DONNA Reed of 'From Here to Eternity'
DONNA Summer in the music business?
DONNA Summer of disco
DONNA Much-painted religious figure
DONNA Summer of music
DONNA Summer or Mills
DONNA Retta's "Parks and Recreation" role
DONNA Singing Summer
DONNA Florida Representative Shalala who was Secretary of Health and Human Services under Bill Clinton
DONNA Summer party Ms Summers set up
DONNA Ma___ is referred to as the Queen of Pop Music

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