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DOLL American ___ Posse by Tori Amos
DOLL McDonald's offering for tight budgets
DOLL Being fit is a bit of a blessing
DOLL Being fit is a bit of a blessing
DOLL Party is for everyone taking out a local girl
DOLL Small model of a human figure, especially a baby, as a child's toy
DOLL Dress-up toy
DOLL A child's toy resembling human form
DOLL She's so playful
DOLL Capsule
DOLL "Baby ___": 1956 Kazan film
DOLL Tickle Me Elmo, e.g.
DOLL Female
DOLL Betsy Wetsy or Chatty Cathy, for example
DOLL Honeycakes
DOLL Chucky in Child's Play e.g.
DOLL Child's toy Poker cards
DOLL Raggedy Ann or Barbie for example
DOLL Raggedy Ann e.g.
DOLL Ken is one
DOLL Attractive girl left twice after party
DOLL Toy, rag ...
DOLL Cliff Richard hit, "Living ..."
DOLL Do a couple of students have a Barbie ...
DOLL Toy puppet
DOLL Puppet
DOLL Party lines for plaything
DOLL Toddler's toy
DOLL "Guest" at a child's tea party
DOLL The model child may grow into an overdressed woman
DOLL Plaything? Do fifty-fifty!
DOLL Barbie, e.g.
DOLL Party line repeated for Ken or Barbie?
DOLL Kewpie ___
DOLL Chucky in "Child's Play," e.g.
DOLL Tickle Me Elmo, for one
DOLL Alternative to "sweetie" or "hon"
DOLL A puppet to dress up
DOLL Sindy may be Guy's companion
DOLL Moviedom's Woody or Chucky
DOLL Creepy plaything in a horror film
DOLL Comedy series about friends in Hollywood, ---- & Em
DOLL Toy to perform: 50-50
DOLL One in a small house
DOLL Cabbage Patch product
DOLL Toy that often looks like a baby or small child
DOLL Betsy Wetsy was one
DOLL Soul Asylum sticks pins in a "Voodoo" one
DOLL Do learners need a toy?
DOLL Toy Manx sheep?
DOLL Party line repeated term of endearment
DOLL Child's toy figure
DOLL Play figure
DOLL *See 42-Down
DOLL Child's figure
DOLL Dressable toy
DOLL Toy fiddle: two pounds
DOLL Voodoo ___
DOLL Barbie or Cabbage Patch
DOLL Kid's tea party attendee
DOLL Party lines in The House can be childish?
DOLL Plaything, rag -
DOLL Plaything
DOLL Toy replica of a person
DOLL Toy in a carriage
DOLL American Girl offering
DOLL Humanoid toy
DOLL A pretty small figure
DOLL A girlish figure
DOLL Dummy
DOLL Dummy
DOLL Famous expert on cancer offers model
DOLL Will she work for £50
DOLL The young woman is a plaything
DOLL Girl"s toy
DOLL Strawberry Shortcake or Raggedy Andy, for example
DOLL Toy in the shape of a baby
DOLL A pretty child
DOLL Polly Pocket, for one
DOLL "Rag ___"; hit song for the Four Seasons
DOLL Toy made by American Girl or Bratz
DOLL Toy baby
DOLL Where an inch may represent a foot
DOLL Woody or Jessie, in the "Toy Story" films
DOLL Person-shaped toy
DOLL Child"s toy
DOLL Voodoo ?
DOLL Action figure, essentially
DOLL Ken or Thumbelina
DOLL Barbie or Ken, for example
DOLL Toy type
DOLL Filmdom's Chucky, for one
DOLL Cheat gets a couple of pounds for puppet
DOLL Occupant of a small house
DOLL Tot's toy
DOLL Puppet following party lines
DOLL Model of person as toy

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