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DOE Deer ma'am
DOE Female that romps in the woods
DOE One female animal ...
DOE Female in a flock
DOE Another word for "nanny"
DOE The female of the rat
DOE Jane of courtroom fame
DOE Backwoods gamboler
DOE Silver ___ (Severus Snape's patronus in the Harry Potter series)
DOE Little roo's mom
DOE Bambi's dam
DOE The first note we hear, dear
DOE Female deer makes noise like musical note
DOE Animal died, one with no name
DOE Shy female that does a lot of fawning
DOE Baal
DOE You could get one for a buck
DOE Buck passer?
DOE Big name in anonymity
DOE A deer
DOE A female deer
DOE Opens door on entrance for one of The Rats
DOE The female of a rabbit or hare
DOE Average John
DOE Female animal... starts to display on Exmoor
DOE Bambi's mom, for one
DOE Mommy deer
DOE This may bring in the big bucks
DOE Roadside grazer
DOE Reindeer with smaller antlers, perhaps
DOE Legal pseudonym
DOE One absent from a stag party?
DOE Animal act with energy
DOE The female uses the same key
DOE Joey's mom
DOE Given name?
DOE Surname for an anonymous party
DOE Young one in the woods
DOE Common anonym
DOE John ___ (unidentified man)
DOE John ___ (unidentified man in a court case)
DOE Unidentified male, John ...
DOE Unidentified one
DOE Mystery man John
DOE John ___ (anonymous man)
DOE Anonymous litigant
DOE Peter Rabbit's mother, e.g.
DOE He was no buck, the plaintiff John
DOE Mommie deeress
DOE Rabbit finished clearing first of neeps
DOE John the unknown?
DOE Female deer
DOE Female deer, rabbit
DOE Jane who shall remain nameless?
DOE Fawn parent
DOE She's looking for a fast buck
DOE Female, yet named John?
DOE A female rabbit
DOE Female needs energy after party
DOE Legal Jane
DOE John, the anonymous plaintiff
DOE Buck's partner
DOE A buck's mate
DOE Beast that sounds like bucks
DOE Female deer antelope or kangaroo
DOE Beast babbles ode
DOE John ___ (man whose real name is unknown) crossword clue
DOE She-rabbit or deer
DOE Female deer or rabbit
DOE Chamois she
DOE "___ a deer a female deer ..."
DOE Drone regularly captured female in the field?
DOE Hutch female
DOE John ____ (everyman)
DOE Stag 's mate
DOE Fictitious John
DOE Note Eastern animal
DOE Female deer in the money, we hear
DOE Female with a pass key
DOE "___, a deer, a female deer..."
DOE Doomed to lose every other possible mate for Rudolph?
DOE "___, a deer..."
DOE Bunny girl?
DOE Female mammal
DOE Partner for a buck to use drug
DOE Female hare, e.g.
DOE Talk of money for rabbit
DOE Female deer or rabbit crossword clue
DOE We hear there's money for American plaintiff
DOE Forest creature
DOE Bashful forest creature
DOE Drove oddly
DOE Note said it's a female
DOE Bambi's ma
DOE Fawn's mother
DOE Fawn's mother
DOE Ode confused creature
DOE Make start on enclosure for deer
DOE Female finished: men finally eliminated

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