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DINO Dean Martin's real first name
DINO Snorkasaurus of toondom
DINO Pet on "The Flintstones"
DINO Prehistoric beast, for short
DINO Rat Pack moniker
DINO The Rat Pack's Martin, to his buddies
DINO "Jurassic Park" menace
DINO Pet for Pebbles
DINO Pet of the Flintstones
DINO TV toon pet
DINO Pet in old cartoons
DINO Flintstone family pet
DINO Cold-blooded, warm-hearted cartoon pet
DINO "Jurassic World" creature for short
DINO 4 U.S.-market Volkswagen model
DINO Movie producer Mr. De Laurentiis (b.1919 - d.2010)
DINO Fred and Wilma Flintstone's pet
DINO Hockey player Ciccarelli
DINO Film producer De Laurentiis
DINO Dinosaur for Fred Flintstone
DINO What was the name of the dinosaur in The Flintstones?
DINO Pal of Frank and Sammy
DINO Prehistoric predator, for short
DINO Prehistoric beast, briefly
DINO Natural history museum exhibit, informally
DINO "Your Ma Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night" singer Kenny
DINO "Your Ma Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night" Kenny
DINO 1960s-'70s Fiat model
DINO Classic Ferrari
DINO Memo abbr.
DINO Bedrock tail-wagger
DINO Bedrock barker
DINO "The Flintstones" answer to Fido
DINO Cartoon character voiced by Mel Blanc
DINO "That's Amore" singer Martin, to friends
DINO Nickname for Jerry's partner
DINO Natural history museum exhibit
DINO Prefix that means 'dreadful'
DINO Fear Factory's Cazares
DINO "Viva Rock Vegas" character
DINO Flintstones pet
DINO Quicksilver Messenger Service lead singer Valenti
DINO "The Tiger and the Pussycat" director Risi
DINO "Serpico" producer De Laurentiis
DINO You might find one in a natural history museum, for short
DINO '80s "I Like It" singer
DINO Jurassic Park beast, for short
DINO Flintstones' pet
DINO Fred Flintstone's pet
DINO Bedrock yapper
DINO Pebbles' pet
DINO Italian film producer's first name
DINO "The Flintstones" pet
DINO Flintstone dog
DINO T. Rex, for short
DINO Rat Pack nickname
DINO T. rex, e.g.
DINO Pebbles’s pet
DINO Filmmaker De Laurentiis
DINO Bedrock pet
DINO What a thesaurus ain't
DINO Bird's long-ago relative, informally
DINO Fred and Wilma's pet, in cartoons
DINO Pet on "The Flintstones"
DINO Pal of Frank and Sammy
DINO Velociraptor or apatosaurus, for short

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