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DELL 'The Farmer in the ___'
DELL Home to a farmer who notably takes a wife
DELL "I'm all ears"
DELL Hollow
DELL "Heigho! the derry oh" setting
DELL Competitor of Acer and HP
DELL Name in book publishing since 1943
DELL Austin-based computer company
DELL Computer company whose headquarters are in Texas
DELL Texas-based tech giant
DELL Computer company headquartered near Austin
DELL Maker of Inspiron laptops
DELL Tech company founder Michael
DELL Big-time PC maker
DELL Big computer maker
DELL Lenovo competitor
DELL Big name in computing
DELL Maker of Dimension PCs
DELL Big name in computers
DELL Computer mogul Michael
DELL Small valley, rhymes with tumbled down
DELL Natural depression
DELL A low place in the country
DELL Glen's computer company?
DELL Low spot
DELL Clearing
DELL Big maker of 59-Down
DELL Texas-based computer giant
DELL Farmer's place, in rhyme
DELL The ...., former home ground of Southampton FC
DELL HP rival
DELL Farmer's home
DELL Big name in home computers
DELL 'I'm listening'
DELL Secluded place
DELL "Moon Calf" novelist Floyd
DELL Company originally named PC's Limited
DELL Valley
DELL Word on many computers
DELL Farmer's place, in a song
DELL HP's PC competitor
DELL Company started in an Austin dorm room
DELL Competitor of Gateway and Compaq
DELL Small wooded hollow
DELL Novice led astray first at a small wooded hollow
DELL Small, wooded valley
DELL A small valley in Queensland, Ellen says
DELL Dingley - (Pickwick)
DELL Live without wife in valley
DELL PC manufacturer based in Round Rock, Texas
DELL In a model landscape, a low part
DELL Farmer's song location
DELL Company started in a University of Texas dorm room
DELL Avant-garde writer Floyd
DELL Company whose logo features a crooked vowel
DELL Paperback publisher
DELL Texan computer giant
DELL Secluded valley
DELL PC giant
DELL "Go on!"
DELL The depression of French learners
DELL Computer company founder Michael
DELL Competitor of HP and Acer
DELL Farmer's place, in song
DELL Texas computer giant started in a dorm room
DELL Small secluded valley
DELL Farmer's hangout, in a children's song
DELL Wooded hollow
DELL Publisher of the Children's book series "The Great Brain"
DELL Depressed area
DELL Farmer's place, in a kids' song
DELL "Farmer in the ___" (children's song)
DELL "The Farmer in the ___"
DELL Big name in crossword puzzle magazines
DELL Depression when half the side get only £50
DELL Company that sells Inspiron computers
DELL Small valley
DELL Big name in PCs
DELL Farmer's place, in a song
DELL Wooded hollow
DELL Wooded valley
DELL Farmer's locale, in a song
DELL Big name in computers
DELL Farmer's location in a nursery rhyme
DELL Little valley
DELL Inspiron laptop maker
DELL Farmer's place, in song
DELL Pastoral section of the Handel Largo
DELL In a model landscape, a low part
DELL Farmer's location
DELL High-tech mogul Michael
DELL HP competitor in PCs
DELL Work strenuously
DELL Publisher that produces dozens of puzzle magazines
DELL PC brand
DELL Company with Inspiron PCs

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