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DAME Titled lady upset crazy European
DAME "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep" figure
DAME See 21
DAME British title for actress Julie Walters
DAME Female
DAME Melba, e.g.
DAME Edith Evans or Edna Everage
DAME Knight's wife, in olden times
DAME Woman a man may play, funnily enough
DAME Woman had a meal, bits on the side getting left
DAME Broad barrier beginning to erode
DAME Title given a woman in authority
DAME Bring up English bananas for American woman
DAME Woman in a hard-boiled detective story
DAME Titled British lady
DAME Barry Humphries, a.k.a. ___ Edna Everage
DAME Mead upsets her
DAME Title bestowed by Her Majesty
DAME The lady from 19
DAME ___ Edna Everage, housewife superstar
DAME Judy's or Maggie's title
DAME Woman, to a pulp novel detective
DAME What "there is nothing like," in song
DAME Luis Miguel single off of "Nada Es Igual"
DAME "There is nothing like a ___"
DAME She's played by a man in panto
DAME Cross-dressing theatrical
DAME Title not offered to men
DAME Title for Maggie Smith or Judi Dench
DAME Aristocrat made amends
DAME Edna, district attorney and myself
DAME ___ Edna; TV comedian
DAME Made up woman in panto
DAME Knight's lady
DAME Title bestowed on du Maurier
DAME There ain't nothin' like one!
DAME One appointed to the Royal Victorian Order
DAME "South Pacific" song subject
DAME Honorific title which is the female equivalent of the male "Sir"
DAME Pantomime character made to perform
DAME Made out title
DAME Show person, lawyer and writer
DAME She's entitled to swill mead
DAME Sir's equivalent
DAME Queen, in cardroom slang
DAME Title for Maggie Smith
DAME Julie Andrews or Judi Dench
DAME J.Lo "___ (Touch Me)"
DAME Edith Evans, e.g.
DAME Made out to be a lady
DAME Hoover and Roosevelt, e.g.
DAME Daphne du Maurier, e.g.
DAME Form of address heard on stage over Christmas
DAME Made off with title
DAME Singer Janet Baker's title
DAME British noble title
DAME Character dragged up at this time of the year?
DAME Made up to look like a pantomime character ....
DAME Title equivalent to "Sir"
DAME Titled lady
DAME Nellie Melba's title
DAME Noble-woman's title
DAME Character sporting wisteria-hued hair, with 5-Across
DAME Term for female pantomime character usually played by a man.
DAME "Pique ___," Tchaikovsky opera
DAME Ruler
DAME Actress May Whitty, for one
DAME Made out an aristocrat
DAME Panto character in Mother Goose finale
DAME In the British honours system, title of a lady of the same rank as a knight
DAME British noblewoman
DAME Noblewoman
DAME Keats's "La Belle ___ Sans Merci"
DAME "There is nothin' like" one
DAME "There Is Nothin' Like a ___"
DAME Title for Myra Hess
DAME Baronet's wife
DAME OBE title
DAME Actress Maggie Smith, e.g.
DAME Royal title
DAME Woman with a title
DAME Somewhat disliked, a mean pantomime character
DAME Pantomime character made to look silly
DAME Informal terms for a (young) woman.
DAME Lady made changes
DAME Knight's female counterpart
DAME "There Is Nothin' Like a ___" ("South Pacific" song)
DAME Made out it was a titled lady
DAME Margot Fonteyn, for example
DAME Lady's title
DAME Wendy Hiller or Diana Rigg
DAME Agatha Christie, for one
DAME Title of respect
DAME ___ Joan Sutherland
DAME Agatha Christie for one
DAME Peer at edam recipe
DAME Titled woman

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