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DADDY A Danny Thomas role on TV
DADDY Big ___, in Williams play.
DADDY The tot's pop?
DADDY Theologian in time becomes parent
DADDY ___-longlegs (wispy arachnid)
DADDY ___-longlegs (spider look-alike)
DADDY Sun, maybe, covers daughters making pop
DADDY Piggyback ride giver, often
DADDY Informal term for a father
DADDY Pop? Popped one's clogs twice in twenty-four hours
DADDY Father, to a child
DADDY Child's word for "father"
DADDY Father
DADDY Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron film musical of 1955, ... Long Legs
DADDY Clergyman takes time out to see father
DADDY Whom "my heart belongs to"
DADDY What you might call your father
DADDY Male parent
DADDY Traditional breadwinner
DADDY Family man
DADDY Something not right about the dog at the start or end of the day
DADDY Provider of 3, the best of them all?
DADDY Rap's Puff ___
DADDY Daughter, tot with yen for father
DADDY June honoree
DADDY He would need long legs to be a flier
DADDY Warbucks, to Annie
DADDY Kid's cry
DADDY Baby's first word, perhaps
DADDY Father of tot adopted by Dudley
DADDY Family nickname
DADDY Best example of parenthood? Add your bit
DADDY Source of some issues?
DADDY To whom "my heart belongs," in song
DADDY & 20. Crane-fly
DADDY Theologian featured in Time is child's father
DADDY Child"s name for their father
DADDY ___ longlegs
DADDY US sitcom about a bartender turned single father, Baby -----
DADDY Harry Truman to Margaret
DADDY Mummy %26 ...
DADDY Daughters into light pop
DADDY Warbucks. to Annie
DADDY Warbucks, e.g.
DADDY "My Heart Belongs to ___"
DADDY Warbucks, for one
DADDY A name you might call your father
DADDY Period in which theologian is seen as one of the Fathers
DADDY Eddie Murphy comedy of 2003 with more than a few young extras
DADDY Father is a theologist during the day
DADDY Sugar ___
DADDY Sugar ___ (brand of caramel candy)
DADDY One has duty to lose heart to tot?
DADDY Poppy's father?
DADDY Sugar ___, rich old man
DADDY It would take long legs to make him a flier!
DADDY Boney M hit,----- Cool
DADDY ___ Cool, Boney M hit
DADDY Child's word for 'father'
DADDY Father, if long-legged, is fly
DADDY "Who's your _____?"
DADDY --long legs
DADDY Mummy & ...
DADDY Father may be cleric within 24 hours
DADDY Warbucks
DADDY Mommy's spouse
DADDY Father (coll)
DADDY What Gloria called Archie
DADDY *Harry Truman to Margaret
DADDY Father (informal)
DADDY Old man, to some
DADDY Mommy's mate
DADDY Theologian takes time out to be a parent
DADDY Term for parent (informal)
DADDY Santa Claus impersonator, sometimes
DADDY Sugar ___, older man with money
DADDY "Make Room for ___"; Danny Thomas series
DADDY In 24 hours, theologian becomes a parent!
DADDY Wealthy protector, sugar ...
DADDY Child's name for their father
DADDY What Amy Barlow calls Steve McDonald in Corrie
DADDY Father, affectionately
DADDY "Make Room for ___"
DADDY Title for Warbucks
DADDY Mummy and ...
DADDY Child's term for its father
DADDY Within 24 hours, theologian will become a father
DADDY Long-legged parent?
DADDY _____Warbucks
DADDY Parent with long legs?
DADDY Within 24 hours theologian will become a parent
DADDY ___ Warbucks
DADDY Mommy's man
DADDY Sylvia Plath poem

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