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CORACLE Caught prophet in a boat
CORACLE Sibyl is south of the Cape in this little boat
CORACLE Little craft beer keeps cold? At first, I don't believe it!
CORACLE Vehicle is held up by king. It is a primitive boat
CORACLE Small boat from County Clare, possibly
CORACLE Firm given clear orders to build a boat
CORACLE Company to clear off in boat
CORACLE To Charlie, a source of guidance in a boat
CORACLE Small wickerwork river boat
CORACLE Small boat commanding officer left in rush
CORACLE Callas initially given divine voice, but little craft?
CORACLE Many a wise man shows craft
CORACLE Commanding officer has to hurry around lake in boat
CORACLE See boat caught in reef capsize finally
CORACLE Conservative, wise one, shows craft
CORACLE Craft of many a wise man
CORACLE Small round boat of skin over a wicker frame
CORACLE Boat the company has to clear up
CORACLE Porter secures painter on front of canal boat
CORACLE The commanding officer and Clare upset the boat
CORACLE Boat company might get clear of it
CORACLE A small, roundish, lightweight boat
CORACLE Small boat made of wickerwork
CORACLE Animal-skin boat
CORACLE Boat made from carbon, sign of things to come
CORACLE One-person boat made with animal hides
CORACLE Firm line held in competition in vessel
CORACLE Expert going on about boat
CORACLE It's similar to a kayak
CORACLE Craft of Conservative, one to be consulted?
CORACLE Boat from County Clare buffeted
CORACLE Craft of many a prophetic type
CORACLE Small round boat of hides stretched over a wicker frame
CORACLE Boat company taking people round lake
CORACLE Traditional Welsh fishing boat

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