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CODE Secret message studied, solved or written by a cryptologist
CODE Set of building standards
CODE ___ Red Virus (computer affliction of 2001)
CODE NEW! Fall 2015: CBS medical drama, "___ Black"
CODE Member of Set 2
CODE Custom
CODE Word that can follow "Morse" or "ZIP"
CODE Set of rules understood by very few?
CODE Command
CODE Navajo ___ talkers of WWII
CODE See 12
CODE Theory
CODE Unknown
CODE Computer language
CODE Binary ___
CODE What a programmer writes
CODE Computer programmer's work
CODE Do some computer programming
CODE See poem in cryptic form
CODE Programmer's intellectual property, maybe
CODE It's key to fish recipe at foundation
CODE It follows zip or bar
CODE ___ name (identity hider)
CODE Remark
CODE Remark
CODE Document
CODE Feature of Doyle's "The Adventure of the Dancing Men"
CODE It needs to be broken
CODE Digest
CODE Rules
CODE Set of rules the expert may break
CODE Symbol
CODE Swimmer last in race, might one be broken?
CODE Convention
CODE Bar closing?
CODE Set of principles
CODE Cipher - set of principles
CODE Protocol
CODE Language of the road between Uzbek capitals
CODE Start for "of honor" or "of silence"
CODE Word puzzle
CODE English following fake set of rules
CODE Source ___, 2011 Jake Gyllenhaal film
CODE Jake Gyllenhaal sci-fi thriller, Source ___
CODE A spy may crack it
CODE Mole's aid
CODE Body of laws
CODE Belief
CODE Message concealer
CODE Encryption
CODE Method
CODE When it's cracked, it's broken
CODE Word that can be followed by any of several colors
CODE Laws that can only be broken by an expert
CODE Practice
CODE Agreement
CODE Rules of mock English
CODE Cryptogram, e.g.
CODE Laws the experts may break
CODE Set of standards
CODE Hard-to-read writing
CODE Manners
CODE Behavior
CODE Computer program, e.g.
CODE Constitution
CODE ___ of conduct (set of rules about behavior)
CODE Set of rules or principles
CODE Law lord who ran to catch duke
CODE Secret payment at door for ecstasy
CODE Genetic ___ (biochemical instructions for hereditary information)
CODE Maxim
CODE Enigma machine output
CODE Camouflaged communication
CODE It only makes sense when it's broken
CODE Etiquette
CODE Morse, for example, seen as an embodiment of the law?
CODE Fire ___ (building spec)
CODE Morse's creation
CODE Cryptogram, say
CODE Principle
CODE DCI endlessly wedded to poetical writing: Morse is a good example
CODE Cryptic message describes type of football
CODE Standard
CODE "Longtime companion" for "same-sex partner," once
CODE Spy ring contents?
CODE Secret
CODE Problem for a cracker?
CODE Programs
CODE Dictate
CODE Secret stuff (and a follower of the first parts of 17and 56-Across and 11and 29-Down)
CODE Word after bar or binary
CODE Programmers' writing
CODE Regulation
CODE Established standards in school ultimately switched
CODE A method for hiding the meaning of a message

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