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COCA Caesar's '50s TV partner
COCA She is taken off coaches' stimulant
COCA Shrub producing narcotic drink"s dropped round
COCA Pioneer of TV comedy
COCA Taste of tobacco came as leaf chewed
COCA "Your Show of Shows" co-star
COCA With 57-Down, soft drink since 1886
COCA A Caesar partner
COCA Consort of Caesar
COCA '51 Emmy winner Imogene
COCA Repeated word in Gucci Mane song title
COCA Cola lead-in
COCA Caesar's partner in 50's TV
COCA "___-Cola"
COCA South American plant that is the source of cocaine
COCA Bolivian export
COCA Imogene of old comedy
COCA Crop targeted in the "war on drugs"
COCA She was successful with Caesar
COCA See 25 Across
COCA Plant of Colombia
COCA Narcotic drink with nothing left out
COCA With 7 Down, Minute Maid owner
COCA Cash crop in Colombia
COCA Colombian crop
COCA Colombian crop
COCA Plant with a chewable leaf
COCA Caesar's partner in comedy
COCA Comic operas drop promise of stimulant
COCA Sacred plant of the Incas
COCA Inca plant
COCA Leaves for snow caps of Caucasus or Central Asia
COCA Stimulant yielder
COCA Caesar's comedic sidekick
COCA ___ Cola
COCA Imogene of early TV
COCA Shrub whose leaves are chewed in the Andes as a stimulant
COCA "Your Show of Shows" regular
COCA About to join firm's plant in South America
COCA Cohort of Caesar
COCA __-Cola (Pepsi rival)
COCA Leaves with an addiction?
COCA Firm about shrub
COCA Elixir leaves, once
COCA Kind of leaves
COCA Chewable stimulant
COCA "Rum and ___-Cola" (hit song of the 1940s)
COCA Leaves leaving an addiction?
COCA Source of drug, oddly cool chap
COCA Caesar's foil
COCA Caesar's comedy partner
COCA First name in soft drinks?
COCA Soft-drink word since 1886
COCA Imogene of "Your Show of Shows"
COCA World of ___-Cola (Atlanta attraction)
COCA Neil Young "Floating along on the Rio Grande, ___-Cola in my hand"
COCA Beverage company receiving backing from state and from city
COCA Something to chew on
COCA Traditional treatment for altitude sickness
COCA Caesar's foil on early TV
COCA Dried leaves of an Andean shrub chewed as a stimulant
COCA Caffeine Free ___-Cola
COCA Soda opener?
COCA Soft drink since 1886
COCA Drug company's Canadian but name can't be revealed
COCA Colleague to '-Cola'
COCA __-Cola (Pepsi rival)
COCA Stimulant-yielding shrub
COCA "Cola" lead-in
COCA "Enjoy ___-Cola"
COCA ___-Cola (Pepsi rival)
COCA Comic Imogene
COCA ___-Cola
COCA Comic actress Imogene
COCA Caesar's silly sidekick
COCA __-Cola (Pepsi competitor)
COCA She found success with Caesar
COCA Andean stimulant
COCA Caesar's sidekick
COCA __-Cola
COCA Company accountant leaves
COCA Half a hyphenated beverage brand
COCA ___-Cola (rival of Pepsi)
COCA ___-Cola (soda company based in Atlanta)

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