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CLEESE "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" (1975) star John ___
CLEESE John who played Basil Fawlty
CLEESE "Fierce Creatures" star John
CLEESE Q's portrayer in recent Bond films
CLEESE John who starred in "A Fish Called Wanda"
CLEESE He started the contest in "Rat Race"
CLEESE Actor who starred in a series with a waiter character who "knew nothing"
CLEESE King Harold in "Shrek 2"
CLEESE "Fawlty Towers" star
CLEESE "Fierce Creatures" co-screenwriter
CLEESE "A Fish Called Wanda" star
CLEESE "Splitting Heirs" actor
CLEESE "Monty Python" comic
CLEESE Monty Python star, John ...
CLEESE Comic actor John
CLEESE John -, English comedian and actor
CLEESE Man About Town star, John ...
CLEESE Voice of King Harold in "Shrek 2"
CLEESE John of the Ministry of Silly Walks
CLEESE Q in an '02 Bond film
CLEESE Q player in recent James Bond films
CLEESE John ___ (costar of 18 Across in 46 Across)
CLEESE TV's Basil Fawlty of Fawlty Towers, John ------
CLEESE John ___, comic actor who co-wrote and starred in BBC TV sitcom Fawlty Towers
CLEESE Notice left in city for rising comedian
CLEESE He was Q in "Die Another Day"
CLEESE John -; actor who co-wrote and starred in Fawlty Towers with Connie Booth
CLEESE "And now for something completely different" comic
CLEESE English comic actor and writer, b. 1939
CLEESE John of Monty Python fame
CLEESE Palin's partner on "Monty Python's Flying Circus"
CLEESE He's the voice of God in "Spamalot"
CLEESE Basil Fawlty portrayer
CLEESE "A Fish Called Wanda" star John
CLEESE John of 'A Fish Called Wanda'
CLEESE John ---, comedian who played Sheriff Langston in the western movie Silverado
CLEESE Palin's "dead parrot" sketch partner
CLEESE John of Monty Python
CLEESE Martin's boss in "The Pink Panther 2"
CLEESE Monty Python member John
CLEESE Alias Mr. Fawlty
CLEESE Monty Python notable
CLEESE Basil in Fawlty Towers, John ...
CLEESE Flying Circus alumnus John
CLEESE He played Q in the Bond film "Die Another Day"
CLEESE Python in church? putting gossip
CLEESE Myers' ''Shrek'' series father-in-law
CLEESE Myers' 'Shrek' series father-in-law
CLEESE Idle collaborator?
CLEESE Actor and comedian whose most famous comic creation is Basil Fawlty (4,6) (see 59A)
CLEESE John who narrated "Winnie the Pooh"
CLEESE Monty Python member
CLEESE "Monty Python" member
CLEESE Comedic actor John
CLEESE "Monty Python" actor John
CLEESE Six-foot-five funny fellow
CLEESE British comedian John who was in Monty Python

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