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CICERO "O tempora! O mores!" orator
CICERO Nephew of Porky Pig
CICERO He wrote "the safety of the people is the highest law"
CICERO Roman orator; type size above pica
CICERO He spoke famously of Circe corrupting love
CICERO Roman orator who said "A room without books is like a body without a soul"
CICERO Roman orator, or an Illinois city
CICERO Orator of Caesar's time
CICERO City in Illinois
CICERO City in Illinois
CICERO Classical inspiration for the Founding Fathers
CICERO Roman orator/politician killed on the instructions of Mark Antony
CICERO Originator of the phrase "Let the punishment fit the offense"
CICERO "Civis Romanus sum" speaker
CICERO Writer using chapter one to introduce core characters
CICERO "The best debater since ___" (The Bush campaign on John Kerry in 2004)
CICERO Roman orator and master of prose
CICERO Marcus Tullius ?, Roman statesman and orator assassinated in 43 BC
CICERO Orator in Jersey and Guernsey getting Church on right page
CICERO Roman in charge during core operation
CICERO Had a lot to say in Rome to officer covering up rice production
CICERO Chicago suburb
CICERO Roman orator - size of type
CICERO Roman who said "Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error"
CICERO Orator of old
CICERO Orator of old Rome
CICERO Old Roman statesman and orator
CICERO Roman writer of "On the Republic"
CICERO Roman statesman who opposed Caesar
CICERO Roman politician's cool and reserved at first in company
CICERO Orator with endless boast keeping cool
CICERO Famous Roman orator
CICERO Caesar's opponent, monster returning about to kill
CICERO Orator who declared "Laws are silent in times of war"
CICERO Marcus Tullius _; Roman orator and writer
CICERO Noted supporter of Pompey the Great
CICERO "Laws are silent in times of war" speaker
CICERO Foe of Mark Antony
CICERO Roman orator-philosopher
CICERO Roman orator
CICERO He originated the phrase "While there's life, there's hope"
CICERO Roman lawyer, ogre, returned to secure reserve
CICERO Roman orator (106-43 BC), elected consul in 63 BC
CICERO Classical orator upsets Eric in company
CICERO Marcus Tullius -, Roman consul, orator and writer
CICERO Diamonds in cargo, oddly, for Roman consul
CICERO Orator of old Rome
CICERO Loath to leave chocolatier - a master of Latin prose
CICERO DW: Decorator engaged by firm
CICERO Roman lawyer, dangerous reptile, shortly maintaining reserve
CICERO Marc Antony adversary
CICERO Orator curtailed boast, retaining reserve
CICERO Roman orator
CICERO Ancient Roman orator

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