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CHRIS Radio and TV presenter, ___ Evans
CHRIS ___ Pratt, actor back as Peter Quill/star-lord in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2, out this week (pictured top)
CHRIS & 44A Actor who plays 23D's son Peter in Corrie
CHRIS Last governor of Hong Kong Patten or New Zealand all-rounder Cairns
CHRIS O'Donnell of "Mad Love"
CHRIS Michael Galvin's Shortland Street character, Dr ... Warner
CHRIS Facebook founder Hughes
CHRIS ___ Pratt as Star-lord, Evans as Captain America or Hemsworth as Thor - all in Avengers: Infinity War
CHRIS Guardians of the Galaxy star Pratt
CHRIS Gaines or Rock
CHRIS *Evert, Rock or Farley
CHRIS Ruth's ___ Steak House
CHRIS Last British governor of Hong Kong, ... Patten
CHRIS Hemsworth, Pine or Evans
CHRIS Finish a messy job
CHRIS ___ Rock, US stand-up comic and film star who appeared with 6D in both Grown Ups films, You Don't Mess With The Zohan and several others
CHRIS Former "Dateline NBC" correspondent Hansen
CHRIS $500 no-limit hold'em casino employees winner Gros*
CHRIS Brother of Australian actors Liam and Luke, ___ Hemsworth
CHRIS Martina's rival, once
CHRIS Longtime rival of Martina
CHRIS Former senator Dodd
CHRIS Comic Tucker
CHRIS Tennis legend Evert
CHRIS Rival of Billie Jean and Martina
CHRIS American comedian, ... Rock
CHRIS ___ Hemsworth, 7D's co-star in Snow White And The Huntsman and its sequel
CHRIS Announcer Schenkel
CHRIS ___ O'dowd, 1A's co-star in Friends With Kids and Bridesmaids
CHRIS With 32-Across, "The Lego Movie" actor who played Andy Dwyer on "Parks and Recreation"
CHRIS Alt cartoonist Ware
CHRIS Pratt of "Parks and Recreation"
CHRIS Cornell of Soundgarden
CHRIS With 28-ACROSS, 2000*
CHRIS Dual-code England rugby player at Saracens since 2012
CHRIS 1978 Australian Open women's singles tennis championship winner
CHRIS ___ Evans, Avengers and Captain America star who had mums agog when he read for Cbeebies Bedtime Stories (pictured top)
CHRIS "Hardball" host Matthews
CHRIS Ramsay Street man who works at the garage
CHRIS Rock on television
CHRIS 3 carves his initial in nonsensical scrawling
CHRIS First of 25 Across and 110 Across
CHRIS Tucker of "Friday"
CHRIS Former "SNL" regular Farley
CHRIS And 13 Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport from 1997-2001
CHRIS Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport from 1997-2001
CHRIS ___ Hemsworth, actor who plays Thor in the Avengers films
CHRIS ___ Pratt, one of the stars of Jurassic World and its sequel Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, out this week (pictured)
CHRIS Late comic Farley
CHRIS Hemsworth of "Thor"
CHRIS Unisex first name
CHRIS Former "Saturday Night Live" comedian Parnell
CHRIS Foe of Martina
CHRIS Actor Sarandon
CHRIS ESPN anchor Berman
CHRIS Country star Stapleton
CHRIS This recently departed Neighbours character is the father of Lucy Robinson"s unborn baby
CHRIS 1968 Olympic Middleweight boxing gold medallist
CHRIS Singer-actor who played Special Agent Chester Desmond in 1992 film thriller Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
CHRIS Director and co-writer of 2005 Channel 4 comedy series Nathan Barley
CHRIS Gaines that's really Garth Brooks
CHRIS First name that connects broadcaster Evans, film star Pratt and Coldplay singer Martin
CHRIS ___ Martin, Coldplay singer and Karaoke- er
CHRIS Radio and television presenter whose credits include Tiswas and OTT
CHRIS Ramsay Street resident who was left with a serious brain injury following a punch from Josh Willis
CHRIS "Wicked Game" name
CHRIS Who Jimmy courted off the court
CHRIS Christie or Rock
CHRIS Word that appears twice in a governor's name
CHRIS Funnyman Elliott
CHRIS Rock on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
CHRIS ___Ramsey, stand-up comic on tour this year
CHRIS Diminutive male or female name
CHRIS TV newsman Wallace
CHRIS Actor Colfer of Glee
CHRIS Boy or girl's name
CHRIS Sky Sports presenter who made a cameo appearance in Emmerdale
CHRIS ___ Moyles, DJ who hosted dating show Love Machine with 8A
CHRIS Hollywood actor, ... Evans
CHRIS Pine or Rock
CHRIS And 9 Comic actor who played the title role in 1990s BBC TV sitcom The Brittas Empire
CHRIS Actor Pine or Hemsworth
CHRIS Rock of comedy
CHRIS Evert of tennis
CHRIS "Wicked Game" singer Isaak
CHRIS Pratt of Avengers films
CHRIS Tennis great Evert
CHRIS Wallace of Fox News

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