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CHIT Memorandum
CHIT Responsibility
CHIT Brief note from an impudent girl
CHIT Top of charts - big success, note
CHIT Debt memo
CHIT Written authority for large number to strike
CHIT Remark
CHIT Something to pay
CHIT IOU in a kitty
CHIT 2 fell head over heels for Bill
CHIT Certain payable
CHIT Short note from young woman
CHIT Payment voucher
CHIT Bill in a restaurant
CHIT Liability
CHIT Voucher
CHIT Note signed for money owed for food
CHIT Short note of money owed or received
CHIT Restaurant bill
CHIT Small slip of paper
CHIT Note of a sum owed especially for food and drink
CHIT Debtor's voucher
CHIT Bill is a child
CHIT Acknowledgment
CHIT Small talk
CHIT It may be thrown into a pot
CHIT Money owed
CHIT "Pay me later" marker
CHIT Short note written during lunch, I think
CHIT A short official note, typically recording a sum owed.
CHIT Half a sound system in court requisition
CHIT An impudent young girl with a piece of paper
CHIT Obligation
CHIT Docket
CHIT Authorization
CHIT Brownie point
CHIT Note of debt
CHIT Note of debt
CHIT Short official note recording a sum owed
CHIT IOU, of sorts
CHIT Disparaging term for a girl, note
CHIT Pert young lady giving us the bill to pay
CHIT Pass for a mere youngster
CHIT Slip in a pot
CHIT Signed slip
CHIT Gambler's IOU
CHIT It might go into a pot
CHIT Voucher
CHIT Short note: check it
CHIT Copyright to blow short memorandum
CHIT Gambler's "marker"
CHIT It goes to church, note
CHIT Copyright on mouthpiece cut
CHIT Gambler's voucher
CHIT Informal voucher

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