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CELEB Famous
CELEB Generator of buzz about to turn up, handling opening of library?
CELEB Oscar party attendee
CELEB Bold entry in gossip columns
CELEB Name briefly chosen after retiring by bachelor
CELEB Tiger or Jack, for short
CELEB So-called page-oner
CELEB One with lots of Twitter followers
CELEB Eminent
CELEB Person oft in the news
CELEB Star maybe lecherous, lifting trousers
CELEB Hollywood type, for short
CELEB Ted Turner or Dennis Conner
CELEB One with more than 15 min. of fame
CELEB Famous person gets honour regardless
CELEB Famous person (colloq.)
CELEB Big star, briefly
CELEB Fodder for the paparazzi
CELEB Notable
CELEB One on whom tabs keep tabs
CELEB One may make Us money
CELEB In France, LeBlanc is someone famous
CELEB A-lister
CELEB 2002 BBC TV sitcom starring Harry Enfield and Amanda Holden
CELEB Celebrity
CELEB Famous person
CELEB Luminary
CELEB Big name
CELEB Dignitary
CELEB Dignitary
CELEB Wellknown
CELEB Wellknown
CELEB Illustrious
CELEB Personality
CELEB Leading light
CELEB Autograph hound's target (Abbr.)
CELEB Beck or Barry Manilow
CELEB *Suri's mom, e.g.
CELEB Person famous for being famous
CELEB TV star, e.g.
CELEB In France, Le Blanc is a tabloid target
CELEB Be lectured, returning half-cut for a popular star
CELEB Famous person (abbr)
CELEB Glitterati member, briefly
CELEB Tabloid figure, briefly
CELEB Household name returned in Arab elections
CELEB One profiled in People, for short
CELEB Minor star with black eye dumps Kay
CELEB Subject of People pix
CELEB Red-carpet figure
CELEB Tabloid fave
CELEB Autograph hound's target
CELEB A-list notable
CELEB Showbiz luminary
CELEB Madonna or Oprah, e.g.
CELEB Pop star
CELEB Autograph hound's prey, for short
CELEB Limo rider
CELEB Prey for the paparazzi
CELEB Origins of cosmos explained: large-scale evolution brings a star
CELEB Person pursued by paparazzi
CELEB Person in the tabloids
CELEB Priest letting out rant, showing personality
CELEB Marquee topper
CELEB Inspiration for some fake social media accounts, informally
CELEB A name denoting some space - Lebensraum
CELEB One in the limelight
CELEB Subject for a supermarket tab
CELEB Limo rider, often
CELEB Tiger Woods or Tyra Banks
CELEB Us Weekly subject, for short
CELEB Celebrity, in short
CELEB Church starts to look east: behold a star!
CELEB People Weekly profile
CELEB Paparazzi's prey
CELEB "E! News" subject
CELEB 69-Across user
CELEB Big name spread throughout France: le Boursin?
CELEB Subject of a People profile
CELEB People's person?
CELEB Big name in the biz
CELEB Star is found in party without speed
CELEB Little star?
CELEB Well-known person for short
CELEB Some within influence Lebanese star
CELEB Paparazzo's target, for short
CELEB Paparazzi target, briefly
CELEB Gossip-mag topic
CELEB Hollywood star, for short
CELEB Characters within fleece Lebanese star
CELEB One with more than 15 minutes of fame
CELEB Heartless beauty caught rising star
CELEB TMZ interviewee

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