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CARAVAN Collective noun for a group of travellers; or, a shepherd's hut-like vehicle depicted in paintings by Munnings
CARAVAN Travel group
CARAVAN One vehicle after another for group of travellers
CARAVAN One vehicle towed by another moving house
CARAVAN Group of wagons
CARAVAN A vehicle for artist to get involved in county
CARAVAN Something to replace tie that's cut, embracing a new travelling group
CARAVAN Travel as a group, in a way
CARAVAN Excursion
CARAVAN Trailer for vehicle (a light goods vehicle)
CARAVAN Saharan sight
CARAVAN Procession
CARAVAN Line of pack animals
CARAVAN A means of transport for gunmen in part of Ulster
CARAVAN Depicted in several paintings by Edwin Lord Weeks, generic name for a company of travellers journeying across a desert; or, a camel trainA
CARAVAN Group of pilgrims
CARAVAN Group of travellers are almost entering Irish county
CARAVAN Hemmed in by two vehicles is a large vehicle
CARAVAN Line of camels, perhaps
CARAVAN Turnpike line
CARAVAN "___ to Vaccares", novel by Alistair Maclean
CARAVAN Vicar, a Van Gogh is too much for home-on-wheels
CARAVAN In an Irish county, an artist has a mobile home
CARAVAN Two vehicles surround a trailer
CARAVAN Walford"s Aunt Babe has one parked on a campsite in Ramsgate!
CARAVAN Expedition
CARAVAN Vehicle on either side of a central vehicle
CARAVAN Two vehicles joined by a third one
CARAVAN Motor home
CARAVAN Two road vehicles joined by a train in the desert
CARAVAN Motorcade
CARAVAN Vehicle towing a vehicle - or rather the towed vehicle
CARAVAN Two vehicles go round a camel train
CARAVAN 1946 adventure film starring Stewart Granger and Jean Kent
CARAVAN Train in the region of Virginia having sped around
CARAVAN Vehicle either side of a mobile home
CARAVAN Moving house - you'll need a motor and a pantechnicon
CARAVAN Traders shifting mascara vandalise boxes
CARAVAN Two vehicles required to take a mobile home?
CARAVAN Group of traders and their camels traversing the Sahara Desert
CARAVAN You might go on holiday in this mobile accommodation, plentiful in Summer Bay
CARAVAN A vehicle attached at the rear of another?
CARAVAN A train that moves slowly across the desert
CARAVAN Two vehicles sandwiching a third?
CARAVAN Unpowered mobile home
CARAVAN Mobile part or home
CARAVAN Vehicle equipped for living in
CARAVAN Towed vehicle
CARAVAN In an Irish county, an artist has a mobile home

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