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CAMELOT Arrived with a prophet in a mythical kingdom
CAMELOT The stars of this 1967 film, Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave were perhaps the last non-singing actors trusted with lead roles in a musical
CAMELOT The stars of this 1967 film, Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave were perhaps the last non-singing a
CAMELOT "The Once and Future King" setting
CAMELOT Legendary castled city where King Arthur held court at the Round Table
CAMELOT 1960 Broadway musical starring Julie Andrews and Richard Burton
CAMELOT Animal to upset King Arthur's city
CAMELOT Arthur's or Kennedy's court?
CAMELOT King Arthur's home
CAMELOT Academic stream? Group taking drug in Arthur's place
CAMELOT 1960 Lerner and Loewe musical based on the King Arthur legend
CAMELOT The old king's court arrived as auction piece
CAMELOT Musical based on a T. H. White novel
CAMELOT 1960 musical for which Richard Burton won a Tony
CAMELOT Dilapidated motel next to California, place of legend
CAMELOT Arthur's realm
CAMELOT Animal turning to legendary city
CAMELOT Animal returned to old court
CAMELOT A setter takes fool round a castle ?
CAMELOT Mythical court turned up by chance
CAMELOT "The Lusty Month of May" musical
CAMELOT Happened by chance in the Kennedy era
CAMELOT JFK's presidency, figuratively
CAMELOT Round Table locale
CAMELOT Desert traveller books into legendary English town
CAMELOT Legendary location in California runs out of wine
CAMELOT The Kennedy era
CAMELOT Arrived with many at King Arthur's seat
CAMELOT Court and castle of King Arthur
CAMELOT 1967 Richard Harris film
CAMELOT Musical based on "The Once and Future King"
CAMELOT Arrived to meet destiny in romantic place
CAMELOT Rafflers arrived with something to draw
CAMELOT Dromedary gets overtime in Arthur's castle
CAMELOT The court of King Arthur (or of JFK?)
CAMELOT Home of King Arthur
CAMELOT "If Ever I Would Leave You" musical
CAMELOT "Idylls of the King" setting
CAMELOT Animal to overturn Arthur's Seat
CAMELOT Visited frequently having left a castle
CAMELOT Arrived with something for sale in legendary court
CAMELOT Beast of burden returning to a legendary settlement
CAMELOT The legendary English town where King Arthur had his court and his round table
CAMELOT Broadway hit with the song "I Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight"
CAMELOT Kept appointment with fate in court
CAMELOT Scene of King Arthur's court
CAMELOT 'C'est Moi' musical
CAMELOT Humpback returning to King Arthur's city
CAMELOT King Arthur's court venue
CAMELOT Lottery for knights here
CAMELOT Happened a great deal in a legendary town
CAMELOT Lerner-Loewe musical
CAMELOT Arrived with refugee from divine retribution in Arthurian site
CAMELOT JFK's favorite musical
CAMELOT Fabulous place where Melvin appeared in a new coat
CAMELOT Musical for Royal Court
CAMELOT Legendary English town where King Arthur's palace and court were situated
CAMELOT Fabulous site desert inhabitant reverts to
CAMELOT Fictional realm of "Idylls of the King"
CAMELOT Lerner and Loewe musical about King Arthur
CAMELOT Legendary castle and court of King Arthur
CAMELOT Where Arthur arrived frequently?
CAMELOT Lerner-Loewe hit
CAMELOT Where Arthur ruled the court
CAMELOT Broadway musical featuring Lancelot singing "If Ever I Would Leave You"
CAMELOT Idyllic place
CAMELOT Where Arthur could have a meal in bed
CAMELOT Round Table location
CAMELOT Broadway musical about King Arthur based on a book by T.H. White
CAMELOT Where Arthur could have a meal in bed
CAMELOT King Arthur's hangout
CAMELOT Legendary place from which Morgan le Fay was banished
CAMELOT Where Arthur turned up a great deal

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