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CAIN Farmer who killed a shepherd
CAIN Ex-keyboardist for Journey Jonathan ___
CAIN Son of Eve
CAIN Son of Eve
CAIN Killer, one shut up in prison
CAIN It may be raised at a party
CAIN It's raised during a ruckus
CAIN Husband of Moira in the Dales who wasn"t impressed when her history reared its head recently
CAIN Blues guitarist/vocalist Chris
CAIN A murderer is able to get out of line
CAIN Fiance of Moira Barton in Emmerdale
CAIN Brother who "was very wroth"
CAIN "Am I my brother's keeper?" speaker
CAIN James M, author of the novel The Postman Always Rings Twice
CAIN Godfather's Pizza chairman called "The Hermanator"
CAIN Form of punishment, you say, for a killer
CAIN "Double Indemnity" writer, 1936
CAIN Fratricide put one in jail
CAIN James M ___, author of the novels Serenade and Mildred Pierce
CAIN Got out coating for first killer
CAIN In the Old Testament, the first son of Adam and Eve
CAIN Something a complainer might raise
CAIN Bill turned in a murderer
CAIN One imprisoned as a murderer
CAIN The first murderer is able to take one in
CAIN Abel attacker
CAIN (Old Testament) Cain and Abel were the first children of Adam and Eve born after the Fall of Man.
CAIN Murderer runs from a terrier
CAIN Brother of Seth and Abel
CAIN He"s said to have given Abel "stick"
CAIN Herman who ran for the 2012 Republican nomination
CAIN First murderer reported in the Bible
CAIN Former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman
CAIN Ancestor of Grendel in "Beowulf"
CAIN What rioters raise
CAIN Adam's eldest son
CAIN Brother of Seth
CAIN "And the Lord set a mark upon ___"
CAIN Lord Byron biblical drama
CAIN Storied "tiller of the ground"
CAIN He killed one in the vessel
CAIN Old pair in Bell Canada left out and dismissed
CAIN Raise ___ (create a commotion)
CAIN Abel's killer, in the Bible
CAIN One of Grendel's ancestors in "Beowulf"
CAIN Early fratricide one put in prison
CAIN Third Popstars winner, Scott ...
CAIN Murderer: one kept in jail
CAIN Early offspring
CAIN Eve's boy
CAIN First born
CAIN Biblical first born son of Adam and Eve
CAIN Adam's firstborn
CAIN Dean of "Lois and Clark"
CAIN He went east of Eden
CAIN Dean ___, actor who played the title role in 1990s US television series The New Adventures of Superm
CAIN Former presidential candidate who co-wrote the book "9-9-9: An Army of Davids"
CAIN Blues guitarist Chris
CAIN Eve's first
CAIN Brooding son of Zak in Emmerdale
CAIN Murderer in Genesis
CAIN "The Postman Always Rings Twice" author
CAIN Abel's assassin
CAIN Son of Adam and Eve
CAIN Dean of "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman"
CAIN First base man?
CAIN Abel's assailant
CAIN Biblical brother
CAIN Biblical character
CAIN "Mildred Pierce" novelist
CAIN Biblical figure with a serious case of sibling rivalry
CAIN Biblical sibling
CAIN Fratricide - one in place of confinement
CAIN Early man
CAIN First son of Adam and Eve
CAIN Malign Biblical brother
CAIN Old Testament murderer
CAIN Genesis figure
CAIN Genesis figure
CAIN Genesis brother
CAIN Pizza magnate Herman who ran for president
CAIN One in the vessel is a murderer
CAIN Adam's first son
CAIN Member of the first family
CAIN Abel's slayer
CAIN Eve's oldest
CAIN Third person
CAIN First biblical birth
CAIN Biblical figure who murdered his brother
CAIN Cal Trask's Biblical counterpart
CAIN "Double Indemnity" author
CAIN Biblical character who committed fratricide or Emmerdale villain
CAIN Early tiller
CAIN One detained in prison as a murderer
CAIN One who killed his brother
CAIN First child
CAIN Abels brother
CAIN Biblical perpetrator
CAIN Eve's eldest son
CAIN Center fielder Lorenzo who was the 2014 ALCS MVP

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