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BEE "... and for the ___ that is in the land of Assyria" (Isa
BEE "I could her the dull buzz of the ...; In the blossoms as you said to me; 'With a heart that is true; I'll be waiting for you; In the shade of the old apple tree"
BEE Any of numerous hairy-bodied insects including social and solitary species.
BEE One that serves the queen
BEE Busy one that has made its mark in this puzzle's five longest answers
BEE Event where one may spell "hymenopteran"
BEE Spell
BEE A letter
BEE Contest in which the rules must be followed to the letter?
BEE Boxer Muhammad Ali boasted, 'I float like a butterfly, sting like a ...'
BEE Float like a butterfly sting like a ___ (Muhammad Ali line)
BEE "Moves like a butterfly, stings like a ___"
BEE Bonnet invader
BEE Contest for filmdom's Akeelah
BEE Burrito filling
BEE Sounds like a letter that carries a sting
BEE Garden visitor's endless complaint
BEE Worker"s brief complaint
BEE Impulse
BEE Domesticated insect
BEE Belushi "SNL" character
BEE A maker of honey
BEE Hairy-bodied insect
BEE "Adios!"
BEE You have to be letter-perfect to win one
BEE National Geographic ___ (annual grade-school contest)
BEE "Spellbound" contest
BEE Beside all but Sid, a six-footer
BEE Attracted to white, yellow, purple and blue flowers because of their ultraviolet properties, an insect depicted on the opening credits of The Good Life
BEE Worker possibly lacking the ultimate in muscular power
BEE The odd brewer and honey producer
BEE Bar order
BEE Competition
BEE Competition
BEE S-p-e-l-l-i-n-g c-o-n-t-e-s-t
BEE Where one usually doesn't sit for a spell?
BEE Where to sit for a spell
BEE Insect said to exist
BEE Insect
BEE Creature studied by a melittologist
BEE Winged creature
BEE Flying insect (often busy)
BEE Flying insect
BEE Winged insect
BEE Winged insect
BEE Four-winged insect
BEE Four-winged insect
BEE Flying insect THE Daily Commuter Puzzle by Jacqueline E. Mathews FOR RELEASE MAY 19, 2018
BEE Black buzzer
BEE Busy buzzer
BEE Insect associated with honey
BEE Insect with a pollen basket
BEE Six-footer in a bonnet?
BEE The insect right afterwards has a drink
BEE Buzzy body
BEE Buzzy body
BEE Kids shine in this ( The Great Australian Spelling ---)
BEE One rarely with out a comb?
BEE Buzzer causes endless complaint
BEE Contest in which you'd hear words like "euonym" and "autochthonous"
BEE Live with European worker
BEE Event in the 2002 film "Spellbound"
BEE Builder of cells
BEE Husking contest
BEE Community get-together
BEE Honey of a worker?
BEE One seeking some anthers
BEE Common garden visitor
BEE Servant of a small queen
BEE Creature found atop the apt part of each
BEE Insect whose name sounds like a letter of the alphabet
BEE "Full Frontal with Samantha -"
BEE Flyer of character, say
BEE See 17
BEE Quaint get-together
BEE Buzzer hidden four times in this puzzle
BEE Change
BEE Drone
BEE Small drone, for example
BEE Busy little buzzer
BEE Busy person
BEE BT's first mobile network - one creating a buzz
BEE Vital part of a sting operation?
BEE A good worker, the letter said
BEE Six-legged drone
BEE Clover lover
BEE Insect that could be a queen or a drone
BEE Stinging insect
BEE This may sting
BEE Mood
BEE Buzzer in a hive
BEE Event where one stands for a spell
BEE Fuzzy insect from a hive
BEE Bishop points to insect
BEE Insect of the family Apoidea
BEE Insect type
BEE Rose garden insect
BEE (K) "Bumbling" insect

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