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BATMAN Who said "The joke's on you, Riddler!"
BATMAN Carries war chest perhaps for fly-by-night picking up Joe
BATMAN Disqualification including Hole in the Wall"s champion for justice
BATMAN Comics crime-fighter in his action mode
BATMAN Superhero to whom 52D has played Alfred the butler in a series of films also starring Christian Bale
BATMAN Character played by Keaton, Kilmer and Clooney
BATMAN Servant uses 2 in the 22 in common location, withdrawing large amount
BATMAN Adam West debuted as this superhero 50 years ago
BATMAN Superhero from Gotham City
BATMAN Box-office smash of 1989
BATMAN Riddler's nemesis
BATMAN A private servant for the club fellow
BATMAN Had nothing to do with robbin' - or did he as we speak?
BATMAN Cricketer loses heart and becomes valet
BATMAN Cricketer that's second out - Wayne, the night watchman?
BATMAN Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill's ___ v Superman: Dawn of Justice
BATMAN Superhero movie, ... vSuperman:Dawn of Justice
BATMAN Repeated role for Christian Bale
BATMAN Superhero played by Christian Bale
BATMAN Gotham City's vigilante hero
BATMAN Cash machine in bar gives help to one in a mess?
BATMAN Michael Keaton title role, 1989
BATMAN Comic book character whose alter ego is Bruce Wayne
BATMAN 1995 action film starring Val Kilmer and Tommy Lee Jones
BATMAN Club worker and literary hero
BATMAN A 1 down
BATMAN Comic hero and outlaw pinching cash machine
BATMAN Fly-by-night worker looks after one of those on campaign trail perhaps
BATMAN Serve bantam to one of those looking out for someone on campaign trail perhaps
BATMAN Fly-by-night was associated with 9 across and looks after one on campaign trail perhaps
BATMAN Foe of Two-Face
BATMAN Wayne's alter-ego
BATMAN Superhero ally of Commissioner Gordon
BATMAN Gotham City do-gooder
BATMAN Christian Bale role
BATMAN Robin's partner, heartless Grace, perhaps
BATMAN Upcoming role for Ben Affleck
BATMAN Comic book hero
BATMAN British military orderly and comic book hero
BATMAN Comic superhero
BATMAN Hero whose secret identity is Bruce Wayne
BATMAN Role for Keaton and Kilmer
BATMAN DC Comics superhero
BATMAN 1960s US superhero series starring Adam West and Burt Ward
BATMAN 1989 action fantasy film starring Michael Keaton
BATMAN Cartoon hero
BATMAN Comic Strip hero
BATMAN Hero with a mask
BATMAN Comics hero
BATMAN Comics debut of 1939
BATMAN Justice League member
BATMAN Justice League member
BATMAN Adam West role
BATMAN Member of the Dynamic Duo
BATMAN Show where Alfred helped out
BATMAN The comic book series Legends Of The Dark Knight featured this caped crusader
BATMAN Servant finding source of cash in bar
BATMAN Ben Affleck superhero
BATMAN Gotham City slugger?
BATMAN Opens the Merlot aged in Prohibition serving someone on campaign trail perhaps
BATMAN Robin's friend and servant
BATMAN ___ And Robin, film starring 8A as the caped crusader
BATMAN The son leaves the cricketer to become a crime fighter
BATMAN Gotham City crime-fighter
BATMAN Forces servant to be a comic character
BATMAN Superhero ally of Commissioner Gordon
BATMAN Cricketer losing heart to hero
BATMAN Joker battler
BATMAN Gotham City protector
BATMAN Gotham City hero
BATMAN Poison Ivy's enemy
BATMAN Member of the Justice League
BATMAN Robin's companion

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