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BABE The little pig that wanted to be a sheep dog
BABE Movie with a sequel subtitled "Pig in the City"
BABE *"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way"
BABE Not adolescent
BABE Plucky movie pig
BABE Female
BABE Term of endearment similar to "hon"
BABE Baby or infant / a naive, gullible or helpless person
BABE Youngster
BABE Film adaptation of Dick King-Smith's novel for children The Sheep-Pig
BABE G.H. Ruth's epithet
BABE Very young child (often found in arms)
BABE Aunt ___, she put a curse on the Queen Vic in Eastenders
BABE Pig on the silver screen
BABE 1995 pig movie
BABE Piggish film star?
BABE - Ruth, famous US baseball player
BABE Amateur
BABE The 'Pig in the City'
BABE Infant oddly seen in brambles
BABE Big blue ox
BABE First name of a legend in women's golf
BABE Immortal diamond nickname
BABE Pig of film or ox of legend
BABE Young one
BABE Mildred Zaharias, familiarly
BABE Cinematic pig
BABE Ruth with bats
BABE Baseball great, ___ Ruth
BABE Big name in slugging
BABE #1 hit for Styx
BABE "The ...", 1992 film starring John Goodman as the baseball star George Herman Ruth
BABE Ruth, who signed a historic Yankee contract in 1920
BABE Sonny and Cher hit, I Got You ...
BABE Live without a seaman's doll
BABE Family film about a talking pig
BABE Attractive girl in black Lincoln
BABE Pretty Woman's noisy scene finally cut
BABE Cute porker of film fame
BABE Lou followed him in the order
BABE 1995 Best Picture nominee
BABE Sex kitten
BABE Chris Noonan film based on a book by Dick King-Smith
BABE Baseball's ___ Ruth
BABE Title pig in a 1995 film
BABE Pic pig
BABE It lost out to "Braveheart" for Best Picture
BABE Old swinger who scored with temptress - it ends in remorse
BABE The ?, 1992 biopic starring John Goodman as baseball star George Herman Ruth
BABE Naive one in the woods
BABE Infant
BABE U.S. baseball star who died in 1948
BABE "Hey, ___" (casual greeting)
BABE "Wayne's World" descriptor
BABE 1995 movie about a pig that wins a sheepherding competition
BABE *Unlikely title shepherd in a 1995 film
BABE Paul Bunyan's sidekick
BABE Girlfriend curtailed confused scene
BABE Take That single which replaced - and was replaced by - the Mr Blobby single at number 1
BABE Object of the search by the Three Wise Men
BABE Innocent person
BABE Term of affection
BABE First name among Yankee legends
BABE Slugger's nickname, with "the"
BABE Pig on Arthur Hoggett's farm
BABE Blue ox
BABE Bovine with Bunyan
BABE With "The," baseball movie with John Goodman in the title role
BABE Baseball's number one American guy?
BABE Ruth was one good-looking young lady
BABE ___ Lanka
BABE ___ Lanka
BABE Little one from Canaries taken out of Caribbean Sea
BABE Sweetie
BABE Suckling
BABE Crib user
BABE Classic Styx song
BABE Film based on Dick KingSmith's novel The Sheep-Pig
BABE One can make endless incoherent noise!
BABE Ox of folklore
BABE Knockout
BABE Pig in a pic
BABE "I Got You ___" (Sonny& Cher song)
BABE Farmer Hoggett's prize animal
BABE See 38-Down
BABE Sleeper hit of 1995
BABE Film with the segment "Pork Is a Nice Sweet Meat"
BABE Virgin
BABE Maiden
BABE Movie about a pig that wanted to be a sheepdog
BABE Sweets
BABE Home run hitter Ruth
BABE Diamond immortal, with "The"
BABE #1 hit ballad for Styx
BABE Small child
BABE Child
BABE Toyland visitor

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