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AWN Beard grown by a farmer
AWN Bristle-like appendage on grass
AWN Beard of grain
AWN Bearded process starts as whiskers, naturally
AWN Wheat or barley covering
AWN Bristle growing on a cereal plant
AWN The bristle on the tip of a cereal or grass seed
AWN Woodworking tool
AWN Bristle-like projection on a grain sheath
AWN Cut grass?
AWN A beard may help to make a jaw neater
AWN Wan display on top part of a plant
AWN Lapwing's regularly taken bit of cereal
AWN Cereal spike
AWN Bristle or beard of barley, oats, grasses, etc., or any similar bristle-like appendage
AWN In botany, a hair-like appendage on a larger structure - and three-quarters of a lawn!
AWN Plant part
AWN Plant part
AWN Cereal grain beard
AWN Cereal grass bristle
AWN Bristles, heading off as deal is cut perhaps
AWN Bristle initially at wounding name-calling
AWN Barley appendage
AWN Part of a wheat stalk
AWN Grass bristle in middle of lawns
AWN Hay morsel
AWN Tassel on plant
AWN Article about wife that makes one bristle!
AWN Barley's bristlelike appendage
AWN Clip the front of light brown beard
AWN Any of the bristles growing from the ear of cereals and grasses
AWN It grows on grass in lawns
AWN Part of a stalk of wheat
AWN One of the tender bristles in some grasses
AWN What may be trimmed, cutting length? A beard
AWN Barley bristles
AWN Barley bristle
AWN The "needle" part of needle grass
AWN A bristly process of barley
AWN Half of sunshade covers top of grass
AWN Bristle, as part of law nullified
AWN Botanist's beard
AWN Bristle on, eg, barley
AWN Cut top of grass and top of barley, maybe
AWN Shelter pop heading off
AWN Stiff bristle from sheath of grasses
AWN A bristle on a barley floret
AWN Head is buried in pale bristly growth
AWN Two points at the bottom of a beard
AWN Two points on a beard
AWN Barley bristle
AWN A hollow victory making one bristle
AWN Grain appendage
AWN Bristlelike appendage
AWN Rye beard
AWN Grain beard
AWN Bristle on grass spikelet
AWN Bristly growth
AWN Plant bristle
AWN A bristle-like appendage to certain grasses
AWN Grain bristle
AWN Beard growing from an ear of barley or rye
AWN Bristle
AWN Grass part
AWN Grain beard
AWN Bristlelike appendage on grasses
AWN Bristle of grain
AWN Bristly plant appendage
AWN Beard grown by a barley farmer
AWN Barley beard

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