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ASTAIRE "Swing Time" star
ASTAIRE Fred -, Twentieth Century US dancer
ASTAIRE US dancer (Top Hat)
ASTAIRE He was top-notch in "Top Hat"
ASTAIRE "Funny Face" costar
ASTAIRE A star, i.e., of movies
ASTAIRE First-year Kennedy Center honoree
ASTAIRE In 1950 dancer Fred ... was awarded an Oscar for "unique artistry and his contributions to the techniques of musical pictures"
ASTAIRE Famous silver screen dancer Fred, who starred in "Easter Parade" (1948)
ASTAIRE Wine bottles are at first concerning dancer
ASTAIRE "Follow the Fleet" co-star, 1936
ASTAIRE "Steps in Time" author Fred
ASTAIRE "Steps in Time" autobiographer
ASTAIRE "Daddy Long Legs" star
ASTAIRE He danced in "Silk Stockings"
ASTAIRE Entertainer and parasite start off broke.
ASTAIRE AFI's #5 male screen legend
ASTAIRE A mention of feature in flight showing dance performer
ASTAIRE Hollywood 3 appearing in a new satire
ASTAIRE Early model for Baryshnikov
ASTAIRE He wore a top hat in "Top Hat"
ASTAIRE "Holiday Inn" star
ASTAIRE Singer of "A Foggy Day" in "A Damsel in Distress"
ASTAIRE "Top Hat" dancer
ASTAIRE He took many a step, say
ASTAIRE Rogers' dance partner
ASTAIRE Actor and dancer who starred in a number of musical films including Top Hat and Royal Wedding
ASTAIRE Fred of "Ghost Story" (1981)
ASTAIRE Dancer Fred ____
ASTAIRE Dancer has an understanding look
ASTAIRE Dancing star
ASTAIRE In 1950 dancer Fred ... was awarded an Oscar for "unique artistry and his contributions to the techn
ASTAIRE Fred has a long look round one
ASTAIRE Dance partner of 95-Down
ASTAIRE Ginger's dancing partner, Fred ...
ASTAIRE Fred ___, US dancer and actor
ASTAIRE Crosby's 'Blue Skies' partner
ASTAIRE "Silk Stockings" hoofer
ASTAIRE Charisse's dance partner in "The Band Wagon"
ASTAIRE 1984 biography subtitled "The Man, the Dancer"
ASTAIRE "Top Hat" tapper
ASTAIRE "Shall We Dance" co-star
ASTAIRE A way to move up valuable ultimately for dancer Fred
ASTAIRE Fred, who danced to "Isn't It a Lovely Day to Be Caught in the Rain"
ASTAIRE Fred ____ played piano and sang I Won't Dance in the 1935 musical film Roberta
ASTAIRE Fred -; actor in a number of films with Ginger Rogers
ASTAIRE Dancer taking a step back in time
ASTAIRE Fred ---, US film and stage entertainer who starred in ten films with Ginger Rogers
ASTAIRE Musical star who received a 1949 Honorary Award Oscar
ASTAIRE Fred ___, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for The Towering Inferno
ASTAIRE He climbed the walls in 1951's "Royal Wedding"
ASTAIRE "Finian's Rainbow" star
ASTAIRE "Second Chorus" star
ASTAIRE Subject of the 2009 biography "Puttin' on the Ritz"
ASTAIRE Nimble Fred
ASTAIRE Fred or Adele
ASTAIRE Austerlitz name-change
ASTAIRE Fred of "Top Hat"
ASTAIRE Dancer Fred ____
ASTAIRE Dancing man in "Dancing Lady"
ASTAIRE Partner of Rogers and Powell
ASTAIRE Fred of "Daddy Long Legs"
ASTAIRE Dancer who "rates A-1"?
ASTAIRE US singer, dancer and actor, Fred -
ASTAIRE Immortal name in dance
ASTAIRE "Finian's Rainbow" star
ASTAIRE Fred who danced with Ginger Rogers
ASTAIRE Fred _; dancer, singer and actor
ASTAIRE Legendary screen dancer
ASTAIRE [[IMAGE]](Rogers's dancing partner)
ASTAIRE Frederick Austerlitz
ASTAIRE Hollywood star and dancing partner of Ginger Rogers, Fred -------
ASTAIRE Fred ___ (dancer, singer, actor)
ASTAIRE “Top Hat” star
ASTAIRE AFI's #5 male Screen Legend
ASTAIRE Rogers' dance partner
ASTAIRE "Steps in Time" memoirist Fred

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