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ASTA His face is seen with Powell and Loy on many film posters
ASTA Aid in solving the disappearance of the Thin Man
ASTA Dog in Broadway's 'Nick and Nora'
ASTA 1930s film star with notable facial hair
ASTA Barker of filmdom
ASTA Dog of the screen
ASTA Top dog in Hollywood in the 1930s
ASTA 1930's film canine
ASTA Dog for a "gentleman detective"
ASTA Charles' family pet, in film
ASTA Barker in black-and-white movies
ASTA Dog of detective fiction
ASTA Dog of mysteries
ASTA Early movie terrier
ASTA Cinematic terrier
ASTA Silent film star Nielsen
ASTA Star with a tail
ASTA Fictional schnauzer portrayed in films by a wire fox terrier
ASTA Hollywood quadruped
ASTA Frequent follower of Nick
ASTA Hound in whodunits
ASTA Barker of Hollywood
ASTA Hound of whodunits
ASTA Predecessor of Benji and Boomer
ASTA "The Thin Man" terrier
ASTA 1930s canine celeb
ASTA A predecessor of Boomer
ASTA Dog dreamed up by Dashiell
ASTA 1930s-'40s film dog
ASTA Nick and Nora's clue sniffer
ASTA Four-legged film star of the '30s
ASTA Dashiel Hammett hound
ASTA Canine creation of Hammett
ASTA Dog on an old TV series
ASTA Acting dog
ASTA Wirehair of the silver screen
ASTA Dog on the case
ASTA Film role played by Skippy
ASTA Nick's film pooch
ASTA Pooch in 'The Thin Man'
ASTA '30s-'40s film dog
ASTA Dashiell Hammett terrier
ASTA Fictional wirehair
ASTA Pooch in old pictures
ASTA Toto's contemporary, in a way
ASTA Celluloid canine
ASTA "__ Day": chapter in the '50s "The Thin Man" TV series
ASTA Nora was his mistress
ASTA 'Thin Man' flicks dog
ASTA "The Thin Man" canine
ASTA Travel agents' org. (abbr.)
ASTA Wagger in whodunits
ASTA Canine of flicks
ASTA Clue sniffer of fiction
ASTA Nick's frequent follower
ASTA Nora' s pet
ASTA Film sleuth's little helper
ASTA 1934 film canine
ASTA Bijou bow-wow
ASTA Nick and Nora's dog of story and film
ASTA Dog in "The Thin Man" mysteries
ASTA Charles's canine
ASTA Wire-haired terrier of film
ASTA Dog in old whodunits
ASTA Nick's follower
ASTA Wirehair of film fame
ASTA The Thin Man's best friend?
ASTA Four-legged star of the star of the '30s
ASTA Dog star that can't be Sirius
ASTA Part of the Charles' household
ASTA Dog of 1930s-'40s mysteries
ASTA Cinema canine
ASTA Dog of moviedom
ASTA Nick and Nora's bowser
ASTA Clue-sniffing dog
ASTA Fox terrier of film
ASTA Dog of Nick and Nora
ASTA Repeated film role for Skippy
ASTA Fictional schnauzer
ASTA Old film pooch
ASTA Kind of ant
ASTA Detective film terrier
ASTA Four-legged Hammett character
ASTA Terrier on the silver screen
ASTA Nonhuman 1930s film star
ASTA Actress Nielsen
ASTA Nick and Nora's pup
ASTA Dog of mystery
ASTA "The Thin Man" pet
ASTA Like fashionable partygoers?
ASTA 1930s film dog
ASTA Fictional terrier
ASTA '30s movie dog
ASTA Pet dog in 'The Thin Man'
ASTA Dog in "The Thin Man" mysteries
ASTA Celluloid terrier
ASTA Charles' canine
ASTA "The Thin Man" scene-stealer
ASTA He played George in "Bringing Up Baby"

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