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ARENA Young Talent Time star, Tina ...
ARENA Time Warner Cable ___ (where the Charlotte Hornets play)
ARENA Gladiator's battleground
ARENA Sphere
ARENA Course for racing
ARENA Busch Stadium, for one
ARENA Race track
ARENA A venue in which sports are naturally held
ARENA Kind of football with eight-player teams
ARENA Stadium used for sports or musical events
ARENA Where combat takes place in the square, naturally
ARENA Ball finally lost by Atletico with seconds to go here?
ARENA Stadium that's new in the neighbourhood
ARENA Anaheim's Honda Center, e.g.
ARENA Field entered by sportsmen, ultimately?
ARENA "Gladiator" battle setting
ARENA Long-running BBC documentary series whose theme music is Another Green World by Brian Eno
ARENA Bruce ..... , US coach reappointed in 2016 after the dismissal of Jurgen Klinsmann
ARENA Responsibility
ARENA Sporting venue for a BBC arts programme
ARENA San Antonio's Alamodome, e.g.
ARENA Reunion in Dallas, e.g.
ARENA Time's up at new top class stadium
ARENA Detroit's Joe Louis ___
ARENA Boards
ARENA Where Kings may go to beat the Heat
ARENA It's about first news in motoring organisation of Mondello
ARENA Contests held here, near a ground
ARENA Venue taking a period of time to erect
ARENA Rock concert setting
ARENA Theater-in-the-round
ARENA Place of activity, partly for those with bare navels!
ARENA Reversal of a time zone
ARENA Second to leave the Gunners and last to go in field of play
ARENA Wherein a gladiator could become a near wreck?
ARENA Type of professional football
ARENA Boston's Fleet- Center, for one
ARENA Boston's TD Garden, e.g.
ARENA Boston's FleetCenter, e.g.
ARENA TD Garden, e.g.
ARENA Quicken Loans ___ (home of the Cleveland Cavaliers)
ARENA Joe Louis, in Detroit
ARENA Place where the Bulls run
ARENA Quicken Loans, for one
ARENA Wherein to fight a hard-hearted woman
ARENA Place with many fans
ARENA Gladiators' stomping ground
ARENA Gladiators' stamping ground
ARENA ___ football (indoor game)
ARENA Place in which you'll see termination of Roman
ARENA Over time not available for situation with much activity
ARENA Shakespearean forest ___ daughter exiled ___ a dramatic situation
ARENA Region round northern stadium
ARENA Singer of Chains, Tina ...
ARENA Where an Olympic event may take place
ARENA Roman theatre
ARENA Sports or concert venue
ARENA Common concert venue
ARENA Odeum, for example
ARENA Big concert site
ARENA Ice-show venue
ARENA Where one might see Kings beat the Heat
ARENA Site of a big event
ARENA Australian singer, Tina ___
ARENA Memphis sports teams play in one that was built in the shape of a 32-story pyramid
ARENA Fronton, for example
ARENA Near a new sports enclosure
ARENA Indoor sport site
ARENA __ rock (music played in sports venues, say)
ARENA Where gladiators fought for a warm-hearted woman
ARENA Where Kings go to beat the Heat
ARENA Type of rock or football
ARENA A stadium near a ruin
ARENA Kind of seating
ARENA Place for 5-Down
ARENA Skybox locale
ARENA Kemper, in Kansas City
ARENA Place to see Wizards and Magic?
ARENA Match point?
ARENA Setting
ARENA Hockey rink, e.g.
ARENA Where the action is point in the neighbourhood
ARENA Stadium's name in neighbourhood
ARENA Neighbourhood welcoming new place for sporting events
ARENA ... where it all happens over a long period
ARENA Many people sit around it
ARENA Where grown men dribble while traveling
ARENA T Center, in San Antonio
ARENA Camouflage near a rink
ARENA Place to see the Ice Capades
ARENA Neighbourhood introduces new sporting venue
ARENA Where Commodus and Maximus fight, in "Gladiator"
ARENA Maple Leaf Garden's, for one
ARENA Barclays Center, for example
ARENA Ring a large number in the locality

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