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APE "Harry, the Hairy ___"
APE Gorilla's cousin
APE Distant relative of Scopes?
APE Parrot magpie's oddly ignored
APE Grape ___ (Hanna-Barbera cartoon character)
APE Moviedom's Mighty Joe Young, e.g.
APE Replica
APE Hoodlum
APE Imitate
APE Imitate - primate
APE Cousin of a human
APE How fans may go
APE Gorilla in the midst of the five longest across answers
APE Adopted family member of 50-ACROSS
APE Primate with a short tail or no tail
APE Large animal you could see in Tanzania
APE Imitate, clumsy person (colloq.)
APE "Grape ___," '70s cartoon
APE "Tarzan, the ___ Man" (1981 film)
APE The ___, 2005 comedy-drama film starring, directed and co-written by James Franco
APE Copy the contents of the paper
APE Zoo attraction with lots of hair
APE Parrot: one often at home in tree
APE Be unoriginal
APE Large uncouth person
APE Menacing
APE Lee "Scratch" Perry reggae album "Super ___"
APE Take off a topless cloak
APE Wild
APE Strange
APE Pet for Solomon (1Kings 10:22)
APE Beast in The Murders in the Rue Morgue
APE Relative of the missing link.
APE Primate
APE Prosimian's larger cousin
APE Primate from Alaska Peninsula
APE Primate found in fruit of the vine!
APE Animal whose name is a synonym of "parrot"
APE Largest arboreal animal, e.g.
APE Endangered primate
APE One of the primates
APE Cousin of a lemur
APE One of various large tailless semi-erect primates of Africa
APE A large primate
APE Animal that's a close relative of a human
APE Dunderhead
APE Tree climber
APE Tree climber
APE Monkey's cousin
APE Monkey's cousin
APE Sham
APE Pretend
APE Dunston in "Dunston Checks In," e.g.
APE Tailless Old World primate
APE Large animal in Kong Skull Island
APE Big animal or a big brute
APE Large, ungainly fellow
APE Big, clumsy guy
APE Clumsy
APE Human's close relative in the animal kingdom
APE Creature covered head-to-toe with hair
APE Goon
APE Tarzan extra "Super Bowl, here I come!"
APE Outrageous
APE Creature with long arms
APE King Kong was a huge one
APE Man like creature?
APE Tailless simian
APE Tailless primates
APE Destructive
APE Echo
APE Anthropoid showing up in the pampas
APE Aldous Huxley's "___and Essence"
APE Aldous Huxley's "___ and Essence"
APE Monkey's uncle, maybe
APE Masculine
APE Idiot parking in place where ambulances go
APE Chest thumper
APE Barbary denizen
APE 1981 Danza/DeVito comedy "Going ___!"
APE Tarzan's playing companion, as a youth
APE Barbary ___, animal associated with Gibraltar
APE Donkey Kong, for one
APE Distant cousin
APE Large animal featured in the movie "Congo"
APE What someone who loses it goes
APE Duplicate
APE Do the same thing as
APE Animal that's a close relative to humans
APE "Leave me alone, ya big ___"
APE Zoo animal that beats its chest
APE Primate resembling a human
APE Sporting person
APE Have nothing new to say
APE Arm-over-arm swinger
APE High point
APE Violent
APE Mimic

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