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ANITA _ Rani, Radio and TV presenter who took part in Strictly 2015
ANITA A fool with a girl
ANITA A more tidy-sounding girl
ANITA Baker of the blues
ANITA "Chapter Two" Tony nominee Gillette
ANITA Countryfile presenter, - - - - - Rani See pic
ANITA Girl embraced by two Italians
ANITA Girl's name
ANITA Girl"s name
ANITA Activist Bryant
ANITA Clarence's accuser
ANITA Ekberg the actress
ANITA She's in sanitation
ANITA Clarence Thomas accuser Hill
ANITA Doubly a fool to enter her name
ANITA "Body Surfing" novelist Shreve
ANITA In a ferment, thanks to her
ANITA Singer Baker or O'Day
ANITA Woman embraced by humanitarian
ANITA A foolish type attracted to a woman
ANITA Broadcasting organisation started by a new woman
ANITA Former EastEnders actress and singer, ----- Dobson
ANITA Gillette of stage and screen
ANITA Bernardo's girlfriend in 'West Side Story'
ANITA Female in Northern Ireland with time in AA
ANITA Announce a more presentable girl
ANITA Bath's first name in a crank call
ANITA Vurnon ?, Netherlands and Leeds United FC midfielder/defender
ANITA Bryant of old orange juice commercials
ANITA "The Zigzag Way" writer Desai
ANITA First name of authors Shreve and Brookner
ANITA "Ring My Bell" singer Ward
ANITA "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" author Loos
ANITA Rhythm-and-blues singer Baker
ANITA Answer given by so-called smarter girl
ANITA A Pointer sister
ANITA Mac in Stingers, ... Hegh
ANITA "Hotel du Lac" author Brookner
ANITA Swedish actress Ekberg
ANITA Santa ___: California racetrack
ANITA ___ Hill (lawyer played by Kerry Washington in HBO's "Confirmation")
ANITA 21___ Ekberg, Swedish model and actress
ANITA "The Rules of Engagement" novelist Brookner
ANITA Girlfriend of Sharks leader Bernardo in "West Side Story"
ANITA "Clear Light of Day" author Desai
ANITA Hill once seen on the Hill
ANITA Tania changes her name
ANITA Tina turns up with a different name
ANITA Bryant or Baker
ANITA Hill heard on the Hill in 1991
ANITA Female Italian featuring in literary gossip
ANITA Singer Baker with the 1988 hit "Giving You the Best That I Got"
ANITA Girl seen in Milan, Italy?
ANITA "Rapture" name
ANITA Baker of "Rapture"
ANITA Soulful Baker
ANITA 'Sweet Love' singer Baker
ANITA Vurnon ..... , Holland, Leeds and former Newcastle midfielder/defender
ANITA Addicts overwhelming silly girl
ANITA Female rescuers who travel to collect fool
ANITA "la Dolce Vita" (1960) actress Ms. ekberg
ANITA Ekberg of La Dolce Vita
ANITA Female name
ANITA Multiple Grammy-winning singer Baker
ANITA Upset Titania leaves it for another girl
ANITA She provides some of the sanitation
ANITA "The Pilot's Wife" author Shreve
ANITA She set it in the heart of Granada
ANITA Woman in Ain"t Misbehavin" given top rating
ANITA Hill in a 1991 hearing
ANITA She's is a bit of a humanitarian
ANITA From Megan I take this name
ANITA Hill who went to Capitol Hill
ANITA Enticing Ekberg
ANITA Santa ___
ANITA Santa ___ racetrack
ANITA Santa ___, Calif.
ANITA Baker with the breakout album "Rapture"
ANITA "West Side Story" character
ANITA Singer Baker
ANITA "Sweet Love" singer Baker
ANITA ___ Hand (name used for some prank calls)
ANITA Actress Louise
ANITA Novelist Shreve
ANITA Hill of a D.C. scandal
ANITA Baker with the #3 hit "Giving You the Best That I Got"
ANITA She and Maria sing "A Boy Like That"
ANITA Little Narrows dancer and Gaelic singer Macdonald
ANITA Hill in the news in 1991
ANITA "Gentlemen always seem to remember blondes," wrote ... Loos
ANITA A reportedly tidier woman
ANITA Bryant, but not Gumbel
ANITA Robinson of Viva Voce
ANITA 80's-90's singer Baker
ANITA Swedish actress whose roles included Amanda Beatrice Cross in 1965 mystery film The Alphabet Murders
ANITA 'The Weight of Water' author Shreve
ANITA Tania has changed her name
ANITA Author of novels In Custody and The Village by the Sea
ANITA - Brookner, English novelist
ANITA "Paper Roses" singer Bryant

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