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ANI "Joyful Girl" singer DiFranco
ANI Indie singer DiFranco
ANI Folksinger DiFranco
ANI Black bird - "in a" change?
ANI "Star Wars" saga nickname
ANI Young Skywalker, informally
ANI Darth Vader's childhood nickname in the Star Wars series
ANI Nickname of a young user of the Force
ANI Grammy-winning singer DiFranco
ANI Folk rocker Di Franco
ANI DiFranco with the 2005 album "Knuckle Down"
ANI "Gimme ___!" (Indiana cheerleaders' cry)
ANI Rachel McAdams's role on "True Detective"
ANI A cuckoo bird
ANI Cuckoo
ANI Bird that's cousin to a roadrunner
ANI DiFranco of folk-rock
ANI Righteous Babe Records founder
ANI Folk/rock artist DiFranco
ANI 'As Is' singer DiFranco
ANI "To the Teeth" singer DiFranco
ANI "Gimme ___!" (Iowa State cheer, 2 wds)
ANI "Wheel of Fortune" selection
ANI Singer DiFranco with the album "Up Up Up Up Up Up"
ANI "O.K." singer DiFranco
ANI What goes in your nose to make noise?
ANI Creature of the genus Crotophaga
ANI "Wheel..." buy
ANI Medieval ghost-city which is located on the border of Turkey and modern Armenia
ANI Black bird of puzzledom
ANI Black bird
ANI Savanna blackbird
ANI Florida's grackle like cuckoo
ANI Folk rock's DiFranco
ANI 'Give me --!' (Hoosier cheer start)
ANI Purchase from Sajak
ANI What makes Shrek shriek?
ANI Nickname in the "Star Wars" prequels
ANI Capital of medieval Armenia
ANI "Gimme ___!" (start of an Illinois cheer)
ANI "Wheel" purchase
ANI Long-tailed cuckoo
ANI Armenian medieval ruined city
ANI "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" boy
ANI "Fuel" performer DiFranco
ANI "Up Up Up Up Up Up" name
ANI "Gimme ___..." (Idaho State cheer, maybe)
ANI "Out of Range" DiFranco
ANI Luke and Leia's dad's nickname
ANI Indie rocker DiFranco
ANI Request to Pat Sajak, sometimes
ANI "Living in Clip" artist DiFranco
ANI "Musical wasn't a hit", said one who worships soul
ANI "Harvest" singer DiFranco
ANI Bird that may be groove-billed
ANI "Little Plastic Castle" singer DiFranco
ANI Wheel of Fortune buy, perhaps
ANI What the maid lost to get mad?
ANI Bird
ANI "Verses" poet DiFranco
ANI 'Gimme ___!' (start of a cheer for the Hawkeyes)
ANI Why a maid's not mad?
ANI What Friday has, unlike any other day?
ANI Request in a game of Hangman?
ANI Request on Wheel of Fortune
ANI Hangman request
ANI "I'd like to buy ___ ___, Pat"
ANI Wheel of Fortune purchase (2 wds.)
ANI Vowel that's missing from "dangerously"
ANI Grackle's look-alike
ANI Roadrunner's southern cuckoo cuz
ANI Etruscan god of the sky
ANI Cuckoo bird (or Wheel of Fortune buy)
ANI What the maid loses to be mad?
ANI A type or breed of cuckoo
ANI Folk rock's ___ DiFranco
ANI Blackbird found mainly in crossword puzzles
ANI "Not So Soft" DiFranco
ANI DiFranco of folk
ANI It's in the center of similes
ANI Folkie DiFranco
ANI Request of Pat Sajak
ANI What Mississippi cheerleaders ask for a lot
ANI Darth, in his boyhood
ANI What makes a plan plain?
ANI Number between cinque and sette
ANI Bad "Wheel of Fortune" purchase for the phrase BAD WHEEL OF FORTUNE PURCHASE
ANI Obi-Wan's student, informally
ANI First thing Iowa State cheerleaders ask for?
ANI What makes most moist
ANI Certain vowel buy on Wheel of Fortune
ANI "Gimme ___!" (Illini cheer starter)
ANI Ebony cuckoo
ANI Dotted line?
ANI "Wheel of Fortune" buy that completes S P L _ T _ N F _ N _ T _ V E
ANI Folk artist DiFranco
ANI Nickname for the young Darth Vader
ANI "Gimme __!": start of a Hawkeye cheer
ANI "Educated Guess" DiFranco

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