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AMOS Biblical sheep-farmer
AMOS A prophet in the Bible
AMOS Very old lady upset Hebrew prophet
AMOS Old Testament Hebrew prophet of the 8th Century B.C.
AMOS Prophetic book of the Old Testament written by 'a shepherd from the town of Tekoa'
AMOS Andy's radio and TV partner
AMOS In the Land of Israel author Oz
AMOS Cornflake Girl singer Tori
AMOS "In the Land of Israel" author Oz
AMOS Minor prophet in the Old Testament who had been a sheep herder and sycamore fig farmer
AMOS "Crucify" singer Tori
AMOS Prophet who said "The Lord roars from Zion and thunders from Jerusalem"
AMOS Danny Thomas' real first name
AMOS 'A Sorta Fairytale' singer Tori
AMOS "Good Times" star John ___
AMOS "Professional Widow" singer Tori
AMOS His face "launched a thousand chips," per his bio
AMOS Commercial rhyme for "Famous"
AMOS "Precious Things" singer Tori
AMOS Famous ___
AMOS Tori of music
AMOS Stephen K -, stand-up comedian
AMOS Gen. -Halftrack
AMOS Famous ___ (brand of chocolate chip cookies)
AMOS Alternative rock singer Tori
AMOS Tori or John
AMOS I love old Italian school book
AMOS Hebrew prophet regularly seen in farmhouse
AMOS "Famous" snack guy
AMOS Prophet giving drug up
AMOS Biblical prophet
AMOS O.T. prophet
AMOS Prophet
AMOS ____ and Andy of early TV
AMOS Harricana River community in Quebec
AMOS One of the 12 Minor Prophets of the Old Testament
AMOS One of the Minor Prophets
AMOS Hoople of the comics
AMOS Indie singer Tori
AMOS Prophet rings mother up first
AMOS Tori of tunes
AMOS Tori with the 1999 hit "1,000 Oceans"
AMOS "Famous" cookie dude
AMOS "Spark" singer Tori
AMOS John who played an older Kunta Kinte on "Roots"
AMOS He rings mother back first
AMOS Singer ___ Lee, who released the 2016 album "Spirit"
AMOS Under the Pink singer Tori
AMOS A Frenchman so upset by the prophet
AMOS Contemporary of Hosea
AMOS Andy's old partner
AMOS Tori _, US singer who had a UK No.1 with 1994 album Under The Pink
AMOS Tori who sang "Raspberry Swirl"
AMOS Folksinger Lee
AMOS "Famous" sweet-snack guy
AMOS Hall of Fame pitcher Rusie
AMOS Standup comedian Stephen K with a spongy plant? Almost
AMOS Old Testament Hebrew prophet of the 8th century BC
AMOS Andy's pal of old TV and radio
AMOS Old Testament book between Joel and Obadiah
AMOS Prophet of the 8c BC whose writings form one book of the Old Testament
AMOS "Corn lake Girl" songstress Tori
AMOS Book preceding Obadiah
AMOS A very short book
AMOS ___ Brearly, legendary Woolpack landlord from the 1970s in Emmerdale
AMOS Oz who wrote "Black Box"
AMOS West Wing actor John
AMOS Cookiemaker Famous __
AMOS Prophet entertained by Grandma Moses
AMOS Pianist and singer Tori
AMOS Old Testament minor prophet
AMOS Minor Prophet
AMOS Old Testament prophet
AMOS Famous ___ of cookies
AMOS Prophet who reformed some dipsomaniacs
AMOS Prophet who reformed some dipsomaniacs
AMOS Prophecies delivered in a couple of seconds
AMOS One of the Twelve Minor Prophets
AMOS Wally, the famous cookie maker
AMOS "Black Box" novelist Oz
AMOS Andy's pal of radio and TV
AMOS Israeli short story writer Oz
AMOS "Famous" cookie pioneer
AMOS Dartmouth's ___ Tuck School of Business Administration
AMOS Actor John or singer Tori ___
AMOS Actor John who starred in the 1970s sitcom "Good Times"
AMOS Actor John of "Roots"
AMOS Radio and TV partner of Andy
AMOS "Caught a Light Sneeze" singer
AMOS Some writing about love produced by prophet
AMOS Hebrew prophet
AMOS A figure so different from a prophet!
AMOS Cuckolded husband in "Chicago"
AMOS Gold Dust by Tori ___
AMOS Andy's TV partner of yore
AMOS Prophet inhabiting ashram, ostensibly
AMOS Source of "Woe to them that are at ease in Zion"
AMOS Cornflake Girl singer-songwriter, Tori ___
AMOS Disney's inventive mouse
AMOS "Bouncing Off Clouds" singer Tori

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