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AGER Meleager loses half a shepherd's place
AGER Mature vats in which one may claim a part is returned
AGER "Ain't She Sweet" songwriter
AGER New ___ (Yanni listener)
AGER Golden ___ (elderly person)
AGER Golden ___: older retired person
AGER Antique maker?
AGER New-__ (Enya fan, perhaps)
AGER It turns new things old
AGER New ___ (artist like Enya)
AGER Dithers, to Bumstead
AGER "I'm Nobody's Baby" composer Milton
AGER "Ain't She Sweet?" composer Milton
AGER Antiquer's application
AGER It produces wrinkles
AGER New __ (modern musician)
AGER Source of gray hairs, maybe
AGER Worry, for one
AGER Free radical, e.g.
AGER Third ___ (AARP member)
AGER Golden-___ (senior citizen)
AGER New ___ (person who might believe in alternative healing methods)
AGER "Hard Hearted Hannah" composer
AGER New ___ (musician like Enya)
AGER One in gear to enhance maturity
AGER Wrinkle or gray hair producer
AGER UV rays, to the skin
AGER Opposite of a wrinkle remover?
AGER Finish for teen or golden
AGER Art forging aid
AGER New ___ (one who practices holistic medicine)
AGER Carpentry tool
AGER It'll turn your hair gray
AGER Suffix with golden or teen
AGER Cause of gray hair
AGER Maturation catalyst
AGER Suffix for teen
AGER Word with New or Golden
AGER Maturing vat
AGER Golden ____ (retiree)
AGER Golden ___
AGER Middle-___ (person who's fiftyish)
AGER New-___ (holistic-medicine practicer, e.g.)
AGER New __: modern spiritualist
AGER New ___ (believer in alternative medicine)
AGER New ___ (Enya, e.g.)
AGER New-___ (devotee of crystals and incense)
AGER "Ain't She Sweet" co-composer
AGER The sun, to the skin
AGER Composer of "Happy Days Are Here Again"
AGER Pack or band ender
AGER He matures during gear shift
AGER "Aint She Sweet?" composer
AGER Smoking or stress, some say
AGER Too much sun or worry, for example
AGER The presidency, notably
AGER Smoking or stress
AGER Teen chaser?
AGER "Golden" ending
AGER Field, that place which an agricola cultivates: arvum, solum
AGER School-___
AGER Golden ___ (senior citizen)
AGER New ___ (devotee of Enya's music, perhaps)
AGER Descriptive of a geriatric Scotsman
AGER Stress, so it's said
AGER New ___ (Yanni, e.g.)
AGER Time, for one
AGER Aid in antiquing
AGER Teen tag
AGER New ___ (Enya fan, perhaps)
AGER New ___ (Enya type)
AGER Word after New or teen
AGER Sun, to skin
AGER "Teen" ending
AGER Running a bit behind
AGER New ___: modern spiritualist
AGER Too much sun, they say
AGER New ___
AGER Stress or smoking
AGER ____ Romanus, the land the Romans possessed
AGER Heavy drinking, e.g.
AGER Golden ? (senior)
AGER Ending with teen
AGER Suffix with teen
AGER Teen _____
AGER Golden ___ (senior)
AGER "Ain't She Sweet" composer
AGER New -: modern spiritualist
AGER Stress or sun, to some
AGER Teen addition
AGER Word after new or golden
AGER Time, for wine
AGER Teen ending
AGER New___: modern spiritualist
AGER New ___ (believer in alternative therapy)
AGER Teen suffix
AGER Antiquing apparatus
AGER Stress, they say
AGER "Hard Hearted Hannah" composer Milton
AGER The sun, to your skin

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